Sacred Geometry Decoded - Atomic Energy From Water - Plasmoid Protium Power = Clean Unlimited Energy -

Sacred Geometry Decoded – Atomic Energy From Water – Plasmoid Protium Power = Clean Unlimited Energy

Magnetic Reversal News
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Protium determines the 25,920 Great Year frequency of our Solar System. The resonant frequencies of all other elements can then be calculated when the 25,920 years is reduced from years to days, hours, and seconds.

The PUM is evidence that the Universe is an intelligent design. The design is in perfect octave tangenic resonance with itself. Therefore all of creation from Galaxies to Planets to Elements all resonate in unison with a collective chord “As Above So Below”. This is interconnected with an Energy “web”, the 24 components of laws which we are all based and governed on the same 16 sector Torus Plasmoid precepts shown. The concepts and ruling principles of the PUM can and have been applied to make Energy to Matter and Matter to Energy conversient. When applied to the modern hydrocarbon powered internal combustion engine, PUM technology removes exhaust toxic waste products and increases the engine power output by transforming waste energy back into fuel. Plasmoids employed in conjunction with Plasmoid Toroidal Implosive Turbine provide a new novel Matter to Energy and Energy to Matter propulsion device for water, land, air, and space travel.
The Physics of Condensed Plasmoids (CPs) and Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR)

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  1. All of those Guy's need to be Careful… No FREE ENERGY!!!! The Powers that Be will Disappear Them before they let Un-Metered Energy on the Market!!!

  2. Does the image at 5:22 remind anyone else of the Baghdad battery? Just thought that was interesting

  3. I want to share the link with the website. It's online since yesterday but my comment gets blocked automatically.

  4. "Oops"? You were going get into it. Can we get a part 2 please?


  5. World changing info. Audio cut out at 15:54 while dog barking!🤣🤣 Protect yourself!!

  6. Have you seen the TV series The Peripheral? They use guns that blast sound waves to explode body organs

  7. On Rogan episode 1897. Randall Carlson mentioned this and will come back in January for a long form podcast to discuss In details. He said Mazda was testing the tech now for their cars.

  8. That's the most stupid BS you can possibly imagine.

  9. If this bullshit turns out to be real, I take back every bad thing I said about these pseudoscientific yahoos

  10. The issue with atomic energy sourced from water is that water is not a renewable resource. There is only so much fresh water that all life needs to flourish here. Highly advanced alien races use crystals as power sources or a combination of electro magnetised liquid metals like mercury or molten copper,silver,gold, like a gyroscope for "antigravity" thrust powered by piezo electric crystals under pressure. Learn to zero point your heart within the merkaba and be your own space/spiritual vehicle to travel anywhere between 3d and 12d through all "universes".

  11. Look up Malcolm bendall he sounds like a liar lol.

  12. I'm not sure what your taking credit for your not releasing any news to the world your commenting on someone else's hard work and making out you are gonna be releasing new technology to the world but you have simply no knowledge of this stuff yourself you have just watched a YouTube video… shut up and let us get the real facts from the people who actually know

  13. I would have more hope for the future if people hadn't been so effectively propagandized into thinking of fission power as a bad/unsafe form of energy.

  14. Thanks mr D. So thats what stars Made up. Like buckey balls. Have a good one from the netherlands ❤

  15. Lol no reveal.
    All shit.
    Back to Mc Donald's you go

  16. You can’t hear the sound of this video???? Nope, not over your stupid ass dogs.

  17. It like watching a muppet use a computer for the first time. My god just watch Joe Rogan, nothing of any substance is in this clip. It’s just some dude learning how to computer.

  18. What's the source for this discussion/panel?

  19. it would be nice if someone could explain the chart better. Show how to read it, how to use it so people can start experimenting more.

  20. Not only my watch and reading the comments makes me feel stupider

  21. Hey Diamond, I have Never Commented Before, But this Project with the Bendall generator, is part PAUL PANTONE's Device with aspects from STANELY MYERS WATER CAR, that make up this system, I wish the Bendall Group would Give Credit where Credit is Due. Great Breakdown of the System Diamond, I appreciate Your Work

  22. They say Mazda is investing millions in this technology to get a head start on the competition. So there Must be something to it that has got their interest.

  23. If this is as legit as they say, you can be assured those in control of the oil and the world's wealth, will be formulating a plan to destroy this technology and anyone involved with it.

  24. Sounds not there after 16:05 minutes.
    Somebody didn't want us to here it I guess.
    Fuck the Fed's

  25. Calling major BS on this. Google this guy Malcolm… I‘m afraid Randall got scammed again.

  26. It's because of your dog and you shut off your audio input dum.. A…

  27. Thank you. Just got around to watching this! Isn't it wonderful. Makes me so happy.

  28. Ok but how are they converting the electric? energy to kinetic? I’m very interested just trying to wrap my head around it. The way I’m visualizing this is as a battery. Then we draw electricity from the toroid and from there it’s business as usual?

  29. We had a friend who worked with some faith-based engineers — they prayed and experimented with designs based upon what they 'saw' in prayer: our friend Don, ran his truck and a car on water- this was in 2000. He also shared that this energy cell created a purity of gold not known on earth. He and a previous engineer/developer died suddenly under strange circumstances. Their work was suppressed by the US PTB Gov. Very sad — thankful these folks can open source all of this.

  30. The experiment photo reminds me of the Bagdad Battery.

  31. I just had the same reaction as him at the same time, this is also an existential crisis button

  32. What happened here? Did you end this prematurely? I thought you were going to go into it in some detail.

  33. F*cking patent again. We need Open Source for everyone, for the People. Free to anyone that can build or buy a kit from someone. When are we going to see schematics, plans, how to do it, etc.

  34. Interesting to see the three balls in the middle of the diagram, because the betts shere also had three balls within the middle of it when it was x-rayed.

  35. Seems like a fantastic revelation & discovery but I cannot lie… This is horribly presented, all things considered.

    Clean it up and make it more digestible for the everyday person. Show examples. Just taking your word for it does nothing.

  36. 🤯My mind is Blown🤯 Thank you for this mystical scientific revelation‼️ Perfect ending😮. Classic GRIFTER move.

  37. I hope this is legit. Although it's attracting a lot of crazies. The theory is so cool though that basically this is the key to molding all matter to our advantage.

  38. Yeah this is all just totally BS.

    Big scam attempt. Luckily JRE shut it down

  39. SO, I hear that Malcolm Bendall is a scammer and has tricked Randall. Rogan will not air the episode with him and Randall and Brad, WHY. SURELY there are smarter people out there than Randall and Malcolm who can also figure this out and explain why this is or is not a scam. When I say scam I have no idea Im only repeating , is it a paywall scam, a donation scam .. I have no clue but I dont want ANYONE to get scammed.

  40. "we are going to get into it!" – video cuts down…

  41. Can anyone lip read and translate please!

  42. If there’s anything if value in this clip, I couldn’t catch it.

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