Sangean Atomic Clock Radio - Model RCR-22 Long Term Review -

Sangean Atomic Clock Radio – Model RCR-22 Long Term Review

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  1. Great video, thankyou! …. Are you a ham by any chance?…

  2. What am I doing wrong when the clock resets itself back 3 hours after it has been set to the correct time zone. It does this at random & I can”t rely on the radio alarm to wake me up.

  3. I ordered one. Just needs a USB charger port.

  4. Thanks for the helpful review. I was worried about the light level being adjustable since blue light present in a room is bad to sleep by. Also the WWVB signal is not like the audible WWV time voice. The way I understand it, it is a VLF signal at about 60 KHZ. All the information is sent along the carrier in multiples of 60. The transmitting antenna is very long and is suspended on 5 or 6 towers.

  5. hey could you answer a question for me? 99% of the time I turn off my alarm before it goes off. Can you do that with this clock?
    If i push the alarm standby button before the alarm sounds it doesn't do anything. If I press and hold the alarm 1 button, then it shuts the alarm off completely and has to be reset for the next day. What am I missing?

  6. A while back I got and RCR-2 but the WWV signal from Colorado is so weak here in Phoenix that it won't work inside my house. None of those kinds of clocks work here so I see a lot of them at Goodwill. Sometimes it will work if I put it outside at midnight but I fixed the problem by getting a model RCR-3, the one with the analog dial. It can't get WWV either even if I sit it in a window but it can get the time from FM radio stations and that works great.

  7. Nice review. Although my Radio Shack Micronta radio alarm of 30+ years still works and I have to reset the time about 6-7 months because its lost a couple minutes, I think I will purchase one these. I had to mod out the alarm buzzer because it wasn't loud enough. Even though I've been retired 23 years I can sleep in full light or complete darkness; adaptive from shift work. I will have to experiment where to place RCR-22 because of RF blockage from the type insulation in the walls of my rental duplex (aluminum covered solid foam). I have 3 atomic clocks. Two don't pick up the WWV signal and the one that does is in my radio room mounted by the window.

  8. Once they work, they work. I have 2 of those for the reason that look great and don't have messy wires generated from them. They are really proven and quite effective. There is a feature whereby you can get the light display on on a regular basis, or only if you touch it, that i like. Overall this is the nice alarm clock that could undoubtedly accompany the oldest when she is away and off to college next fall. I received this clock under no further obligation rather than to provide my honest feedback concerning product.

  9. great review! thanks for all the info. as i've been searching for info on the many different sangean models, i have not come across anything the distinguishes between the RCR and the WR series radios. would you happen to know what those differences are?

  10. Great review! now I don't have to gamble on what to get =) Thank you!

  11. All the "new" self setting clocks (and even watches) were made possible after the Navy contributed a BIG VLF transmitter to NIST. Before that WWVB was a weak signal that would barely make it to the West coast (with a good active antenna). Seriously doubt the signal would havd reached the East coast.

  12. I've had this same model for many years and love it as well, altho lately I've been having trouble with the buttons. Sometimes when changing the alarm, for example, when toggling the top tuning button to adjust the time, it will change other things like moving from a radio alarm to buzzer. It seems that the tuning button is triggering a neighboring button somehow. Wondering about dust settling in there as it's been many years. Any ideas?

  13. I'm in Staten Island, NYC and I doubt the WWVB signal will reach this far east. Can the RCR-22 time/date be set manually? Looks like you're happy with the dimming feature which is important to me because my clock radio is right next to my bed.

  14. My 40 year old am/fm alarm clock radio works just fine after four decades of operation. I guarantee you mine will outlast yours.

  15. Goin to get me one of those. Had the previous model without the RDS system and the HWS on the radio but i like this one better. What i especially like about this model is the clock sync with RDS. Comes in very handy when the WWVB or DFC77 signal cuts out. And blue is my favourite color too.

  16. I have one of these, and I made the mistake of buying another clock radio for the looks, and I gave my Sangean to my son. Now I really want to get something like it if there is an upgrade–maybe bluetooth or better speakers? Recommendations?

  17. Thanks for the great review. I just purchased the Sangean rcr-5. It has similar features to the rcr-22 without the atomic feature. I must have compared the sound of both models for an hour before settling on the rcr-5. The rcr-22 was brighter sounding, but a little on the harsh side. The rcr-5 was warmer sounding, but due to the lack of treble, it seemed to muddy the tone a little too much. Having listened to the rcr-5 at home for a couple of days, I've noticed that the lack of clarity is magnified when the volume is lowered, and that voices were muddied and music was not as clear as I would like. You mentioned that the rcr-22 has a loudness control. The rcr-5 does not. It's not too late for me to exchange radios, and I'm wondering if I were to fiddle with the loudness on the rcr-22, would I be able to adjust the treble just enough to take the edge off the brightness without making it as muddy as the rcr-5. Thank you!

  18. What was your old radio that had a backup battery that would last for 5 years and held data for weeks?

  19. There is one (cheap!) feature missing that really is stopping me from pulling the trigger. No USB charging port. I need to be on call and having my phone being able to be charged with a short cable from the Alarm Clock is stupidly useful. Considering this feature is on even super cheap Alarm Clocks I really hope if they update this design they can add one.

  20. My love the sound but the clock keeps setting to Pacific time instead of Eastern time where I live. I keep resetting the clock to the correct time but hours later it resets itself to Pacific time
    How do I fix this. Very frustrated.

  21. One thing I've noticed with my new one I just got is, it loses time. If it's checking the atomic clock headquarters every hour, them it's either getting false info, or atomic clocks are slower than regular clocks. My watch and wall clock are 10 minutes faster after one night.

  22. I live in North Carolina and I am unable to receive the WWVB signal.. it just flashes meaning it isn't getting a good signal. With the RDS, does the radio have to be turned on to update the clock on every odd hour??

  23. Great video Radio Mechanic. You just sold me on one. Still available up here in Canada for $79 so not too bad. should be an improvement on my old rcr-5

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