SFIA Monthly Livestream: Sunday, July 30, 2023 4pm EST - ndbatteries.com

SFIA Monthly Livestream: Sunday, July 30, 2023 4pm EST

Isaac Arthur
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Our monthly livestream Q&A session. Join us on July, 2023, at 4pm EST, Sunday, and get your questions about the channel and episodes on chat to be answered!

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  1. Please don't eat chips in the background (around 06:50), or whatever you were doing without muting the microphone. It's unpleasant for the hearer.

  2. 0:06: 📚 In this live stream, Isaac Arthur discusses recent episodes, general science concepts, and news.4:33: 📚 The video discusses a sci-fi novel called Blindside by Peter Watts and the potential of Mercury becoming a major exporter of raw materials.9:31: 🌑 The speaker discusses different approaches for building structures on the moon and suggests using raised platforms due to low gravity and minimal wind.14:14: 👽 The speaker is skeptical about the existence of alien civilizations, but believes that discussing the topic is important and legitimate scientifically, philosophically, and as a matter of national concern.18:55: 🌌 Interdimensional travel is more likely than faster than light travel due to the concept of negative quantities and the potential existence of other dimensions or realities.23:31: 📺 The YouTuber discusses their favorite episodes and suggests watching the original technological singularity video.28:11: 🧪 The speaker admits to not enjoying chemistry and defers questions about it to others who are more knowledgeable.32:47: ! The speaker discusses their transition from extended editions to bonus episodes on Nebula, as well as upcoming content and summer reading recommendations.37:54: 💎 Ceramic materials, including transparent ceramics, are likely to replace certain materials and components in the near future, with the possibility of diamond windows becoming a reality.43:11: 🚀 Machines can be instructed to build large structures like a metal cylinder out of an asteroid.47:27: 🚀 The speaker discusses potential future trends including food delivery, automated calls, and advancements in windows and batteries.52:19: 📚 The video discusses various topics including the pancosmoria hypothesis and negative mass.57:36: 🌌 In the future, it is likely that we will have one million inhabitants on asteroids in the asteroid belt before we have them on Mars.Recapped using TammyAI

  3. It was a pleasure to meet you at the ISDC, Isaac, and thanks for the mention of my book (at 34 minutes) Alien Neighbors. I hope you'll consider it for your summer reading list – it's an intriguing take on a First Contact in the near future and a fun read!

  4. Hello
    I was just wondering about your greenhouse. You said it blew over recently.
    I have built several over the last several years and have a few suggestions. Is your greenhouse a traditional aluminum frame?

  5. My favorite version of ftl travel from fiction is what we see in Galaxy Outlaws by J.S. MorinFTL is magic. It was first performed by wizards, yes, actual wizards. But more recently they've figured out how to enchant up some tech to do the job. It doesn't work well, and needs frequent repairs, but it doesn't need genuinely skilled wizards to do the job anymore I appreciate a good scifi that's not allergic to gravity generators and ftl being just straight up magical. It actually makes the scifi harder

  6. If a topopolis were long enough, could it harvest energy from Hubble expansion pulling on its ends?

  7. I have 2 questions

    1 what is the earliest point in the universe's history intelligence life could emerge?

    2 what do you think of the idea of renaming earth to terra

  8. Is there any connection between an Alcubierre drive contracting space as a means of propulsion versus the Lorentz contraction that occurs when traveling at relativistic speeds?

  9. Could we have nanotechnology with led lights in our faces for cosmetic purposes? Could they replace makeup on the skin? Then use an computer app to make different looks or to cover up dark under eye circles or quickly go from one lipstick color to another one

  10. The pancosmorio theory builds on the idea of ecological thermodynamics theory to explore how human life and other forms of life can exist in any part of space. This theory is based on scientific philosophy and the theory of abduction. It suggests that if we were to establish a human settlement in space without a self-restoring order, capacity, and organization similar to Earth, we would face challenges in sustaining the settlement. If you search Google for Pancosmorio theory, an article from Frontiers in Science should appear first or close to the top

  11. You are granted the cure from the NHI, it is in Seoul, I remember in the theatre it cured you but you can still go for a little bit of an effect. Simply their machine works in the near vicinity, it alters atoms a little so they can be dragged around by some electrons, for longer distance it would have to tunnel the particle through

  12. Microphone problems at the start! Sounded like Sarah was opening some sweets early!!!😂 Still great show though 😊

  13. It's beginning to seem like this is your equivalent of Sunday church

  14. Are we sure we haven't already speciated?

  15. Ya definitely need to figure out how to mute mics during discussions 🙂

  16. I also seriously disagree with Eliezer Yudkowsky! Great to see Isaac is on the positive side, and his initial answer to the next question says it all! I love AI!

  17. What are your thoughts about the congressional testimony on UAPs?

  18. If a star is fusing hydrogen in its core it is — by definition — a main sequence star and so has a luminosity class of V. It is also called a dwarf (i.e. compared to what the star itself will become after it evolves off the main sequence.)

    E.g. R136a1 is a main sequence Wolf-Rayet star — WN5hV — in the LMC with about 196 solar masses. It also is a dwarf. Some people become seriously irritated hearing that it can be labeled a dwarf. Many stellar astrophysicists avoid calling it a dwarf. But that is the definition per the "Oxford Dictionary of Astronomy." I don't like the very first stars being called "population III stars" and the spectral types being O, B, A, F, G, K, M, … But those are the current definitions. I just have to tell people who don't like the definitions to take it up with Oxford, the IAU, AAS, ESA, etc. What more can I say?

  19. We're human being ever invent anything like warp drive

  20. Sorry I said will human ever invent warp drive

  21. guy in the UFO hearing was talking about how these beings might be 4d projections in our 3d +1 universe via the holographic universe theory. weird stuff

  22. I liked Sarah's comment about telling your children that they have choices and choices have consequences. This is possibly the single most important concept for children to understand in their development.

  23. Diamond windows might be interesting but we already have transparent aluminum. That might be cheaper for domestic and commercial uses. Would still be nice for specific ones that need it.

  24. Hey concerning the planetary allignment question at 20:32, I'd like to mention a video that Anton Petrov put out 5 days ago; apparently the first pair of natural planets that share an orbit has been found!

    (Can't link on my phone. 😅)

  25. Thanks Isaac and Sarah! I’m well into the Audible version of Blindsight already and it is very interesting. 👍🏻

  26. Perry Rhodan wrote prolifically from 1969 to 1979. The 132 books are readily available in English from multiple vendors. He's also written thousands (literally) of other works.
    I've not read any, but now I know. 🙂

  27. Are you familiar with the latest Gundam series, Witch from Mercury? There was an interesting throwaway line where someone was shocked that one of the bad guy mechs was using a projectile weapon in space. I think the line implied, if not outright stated, that this was illegal. Do you think that governments might eventually agree to outlaw the use of slug thrower type weapons in space in an effort to reduce space debris after directed energy weapons catch up?

  28. Given that Australian aboriginals and Europeans can interbreed means that species-fication is going to take more than 50 years.

  29. You, sir. You are a legend. 🎉😊

  30. Book suggestion: The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells. A series of novellas a highly augmented individual working for future greedy corporations.

  31. Thank you both for what you do. Scifi communities and people are precious indeed ❤

  32. It may be that in the theatre it already prepared everything and for a reason it was left until I grant you to be enabled, if you read this it may work

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