Sharp Atomic Alarm Clock Backlight Hack -

Sharp Atomic Alarm Clock Backlight Hack

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This Sharp atomic alarm clock features a nice backlight that shuts off after 5 seconds. My mother-in-law, however, would prefer the light stay on so she can see it in the middle of the night. In this video, we’ll open up the Sharp atomic alarm clock, override the backlight switch, and install a DC converter so that she doesn’t have to worry about batteries running out in the middle of the night!

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  1. like the video but the audio is extremely low in volume

  2. You happen to know how to keep the backlight on with a cheapy chinese one?

  3. Do you k ow what can of battery’s does the projection version take???

  4. Anyway you could give a link for the ac power plug?

  5. I just bought the same clock and I can't get it to synchronize. Any idea how to get better reception?

  6. Jeez. I wish I could send you mine. 🙂 I didn't realize it would only light for five seconds either. Oh, well.

  7. The light says that it's connected to the snooze button, will the alarm still work? or with the contacts constantly down also act as if it's constantly snoozing?

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