Small drill, big bite! Dewalt Atomic DCD708B Brushless 20v Max Drill REVIEW -

Small drill, big bite! Dewalt Atomic DCD708B Brushless 20v Max Drill REVIEW

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When Brad’s old drill lit on fire, it was time for a new one! This is his review of the compact #Dewalt #Atomic Brushless DCD708B 20v Max Drill that comes in the combo kit. Check it out on Amazon USA: and Amazon Canada:


Drill/Impact Combo Kit at Home Depot

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  1. Appreciate the simple easy to watch review, also took note that the smaller battery did not work out as well as the larger. Thanks!!

  2. Too heavy. Went with Makita Sub Compact.

  3. My Atomic kit came with drill, impact driver, multi tool, and a cut off tool and two 2 Amp batteries. I absolutely love the kit and got a 5 Amp battery later. I also own a lot of the dewalt 12 volt line. They aren't as strong as the Milwaukee 12 volt but are way more comfortable to use and still have plenty of power.

  4. 𝙈𝙧.𝙁𝙧𝙚𝙚𝙢𝙖𝙣 says:

    Why the plastic chuck though!?

  5. Can someone tells me why I can remove the battery …jaja…pls

  6. Battery's move a little I use a slice on each side of the Battery of Gorilla duck tape for a snug click on fit.I personally prefer Impact drills for anything .. But I bought this for larger drilling to make speakers as a hobby.

  7. OK Bought one !! Beware very powerful when screw would not go through hitting metal that ATOMIC DRILL!! Destroyed everything screw and drill bit twisted it like a pretzel.
    Love it I always wanted it watched everybody's video's dreaming of owning it NOW I HAVE IT!!
    BAD ASS POWERFUL. hahahahahaha

  8. Did you charge up the small battery before you did the test.

  9. Just bought one, drill, 2 batteries, chargers 99$ home debot

  10. Nice Video
    I have one now went from Black and Decker impact & drills to Dewalt Impact & drills.
    I love my Black and Decker I use 4 amp on my mini drill outstanding for lasting long
    and drilling my little wholes… Then Impact for installing Jib-Rock again love it installing screws !!
    It's surprisingly great!!
    The went commercial The Impact Dewalt is really strong and lightning fast!!!
    The Atomic mini drill this gentleman was demoing is sick strong but I just drill wholes..
    Not huge and only a few inches deep but the Atomic is just awesome.
    You can see the more impressive power of Dewalt but for what I do which is Jib-Rock & Decks
    Concreate forms and other installs I found the high end Black & Decker more light and longer lasting.
    And way nicer in weight and grip for long days of working with them and the 4 amp lasted the whole day with still power in the battery where Dewalt ate them up easily. You need mini 2 x 4 amp for the day.
    My Conclusion is DeWalt is really nice and a top recommended buy!
    But if your semi- commercial Black and Decker Mini drill & Impact drill wins by far bang for buck and light weight with a small feel and comfort. Plus Battery life was outstanding and above all price tag.
    But with Dewalt – I feel like a Man on the job and I know I have Balls to the walls in my hands when I work.
    Have a great day all and build some shit!!!!

  11. Love the Instructional video brother 💯

  12. I agree those 1.5ah batteries are trash. If I get any in a kit I put them up for sale online.

  13. So the drill has 15 numbers (clutch?) and one position for the drill bit. But what are the numbers for? I would assume it’s for the torque but the drill has no details on the torque specs anywhere. Can you explain if clutch is needed only for screws and would like more info on the drill torque specs?

  14. If you are drilling decking all day ,these lightweight compacts are a God sent.

  15. I just got one of these and I have a problem with this chuck gripping down on smaller drill bits under 1/4". They keep getting stuck in the wood after 1/2 way through. Then I have to get another drill and get the bit out. This happened about 50% of the time. I have tried every chuck clamp down method using a leather glove as not to burn the palm of my hand (learned the painful way), and after coming up with a very radical method, I can get it to keep the bit locked into the chuck about 850% of the time. I never had this problem on any drill of mine before. Other than that, it's an incredible, light weight, powerful drill.

  16. I just brought the DCD708 5/28/20-I am just a handy man. Which batteries are good to replace the 1.5ah’s with?

  17. Is your chuck speed selector stiff as all hell?

  18. That 5Ah battery feels like it defeats the object of this specific model where the whole point seems to be that it's a compact 18v unit. Although I guess it's nice to have the option

  19. Are the 1.5 batteries fine if you’re just using it for home use

  20. I just got mine. Is there supposed to be a floating ball bearing between the chuck and torque selector?

  21. What a nice simple review… So refreshing! I’m looking to buy my first drill and so many reviewer‘s on here seem to be tool snobs with overly complicated reviews were they do speed tests and time tests and tell me how fast the bit is spinning and putting a gauge on it to let me know the torque… None of that means anything to me! Thank you for an easy to understand review!

  22. I have this "atomic" hammer drill here in England the product number is dcd709 and has metal chuck. Brilliant drill and mine came with 2x 3ah batteries the newer 21700 cells and its got great run times / power and I can use the same batteries on my
    dewalt 367 compact reciprocating saw that thing is awesome. Just bought the smaller 2ah battery with 18650 cells because I want something slightly smaller on the drill but I got the hammer drill and tstak case with two 3ah batteries for 115 pounds sterling, that's a price that is hard to beat. Know this drill will last me.

  23. I picked one up today from a friend for 50 bucks it hasn't been used much at all and it does have the smaller battery. I think I'm going to stay with it until I find out what it's capable of doing then maybe switch to the bigger battery.

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