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Man Caver Tools
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I thank you for checking out this video, lets find out how well these tools sales are and see what tool sales is best for you. Please Subscribe to the channel and get that tool fix here. I am not apart of any other social media. Youtube is the onyl plateform this channel supports. Have a great day!


  1. Like that Ridgid has some sales now. There ok but hopefully they have some more in the future. Love the Ryobi sales. Over like all of the spring Black Friday this year. Have a good weekend Mct!

  2. There’s no way they let the Milwaukee battery open

  3. The FLEX modulating tool case is nice but the Handle to me is to short needs to be a little bit longer
    because I'm a tall guy, DeWalt is coming out with a Tough System 3.0 and it looks like the Milwaukee packout LOL The case's are yellow

  4. It is insane how much two Milwaukee multi tool blades cost. Hit one nail and they smoke

  5. Can’t remember and maybe you can help. When does Ryobi days typically start. Seemed like in years past other brands competed for my wallet too

  6. Bring back head to head video, these videos are trash

  7. Can't wait to try that Trade Snack, Yummy!

  8. The Milwaukee "deals" are garbage. I’ve seen a lot of the same stuff cheaper at Home Depot in the last two months.

  9. Sweet….i always wanted to read a flyer for 45 minutes.

  10. Boring. What happened to your head to head stuff?

  11. If you look back at the videos, you posted at Home Depot last week, the prices are identical to this video not much of a black Friday sale

  12. 997$ for the diablo saw blade lol 4:21 is the time stamp check it out 😂

  13. Please do vs videos again and man cave videos again to!

  14. No one was forced to watch the video. For some people videos like this really help. Maybe you should spend your time doing something better suited your personal intrest.

  15. The sales this year have been absolutely horrible proces jumped Jan 1 basically

  16. No battery with tool now basically last year you get battery with a real sale

  17. These stores say black friday sale .. put lipstick and a skirt on a pig and call it a si model why don't they ..

  18. You act like that impact driver from Milwaukee is all that. For that same hundred dollars you can get the Hercules version and it will come with a battery and charger. Matter of fact I got that deal for $89 last month. Pre spring black friday sales.

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