Stationeers Letsplay Mars EP 19 - Nuclear Battery -

Stationeers Letsplay Mars EP 19 – Nuclear Battery

Adam De Beers
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I made finally few nuclear batteries, I dont need to go back to battery charger so often.

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  1. do you use a mod to unlimit the jetpack speed?

  2. I got fed up trying to get the h2 and O at the same temps to get the right mix and decided to try the electrolyzer thingie. Perfect 2:1 mix. It uses some power when running, but on the plus side, my furnace explodes far more often now.

  3. I think you got the inputs / ratio backwards from what you were saying, not that it matters when it is empty.

  4. I have found that putting the battery charger in the airlock works best. No matter which side of the airlock you are on you have a battery and dont have to cycle the airlock in the case of an emergency.

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