Stray #6 finding Clementine & steal ATOMIC battery gameplay | pigVScow -

Stray #6 finding Clementine & steal ATOMIC battery gameplay | pigVScow

Pig VS Cow
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First, getting worker clothes & helmet.
Second, keep going into the factory to steal the atomic battery.
Third, tried 4 TIMES to get into Clementine’s apartment and then rescue her in night club.

let sit comfortable & enjoy!!

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  1. Stray looks so incredible. Looks fun too. Had a great time watching this one Pig Vs Cow!

  2. very epic gameplay my friend, very great class, I really like it, as always full view and thumbs up, have a nice day

  3. Awesome gameplay my friend 😻 I enjoyed watching +1👍

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  10. 👍 Awesome Stray #6 finding Clementine & steal

  11. Muito bom gameplay mano , tmj✅👍 LIKE ✔ !!

  12. Super video mate you make everything look so easy, more rage please

  13. Greetings, everything is great, the content is on the high level🔥

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  15. This is a great video! Thanks for sharing my friend! 🙂

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  18. Isn't this just the cutest and fun game you've played? Love this so far!

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  22. Pretty epic game – nicely played!

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  24. Nice Game Play. Left a massive Like.

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  28. Stray fantastic stream dear friend! present to give a watch and enjoy your content.

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