Stray Part 7 - Clementine (PS5 4K Gameplay Walkthrough) -

Stray Part 7 – Clementine (PS5 4K Gameplay Walkthrough)

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Hey everyone and welcome to Stray.
I will be playing this on PS5

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During a trek through the ruins of an abandoned facility, a stray cat becomes separated from a group of cats after losing its footing and falling into a chasm, finding itself trapped in an unpopulated underground city. The cat soon comes across a lab where it helps to download an artificial intelligence into the body of a small drone, who calls itself B-12. It explains that it previously helped a scientist but much of its memory was corrupted and needs time to recover. B-12 promises to help the cat return to the surface and accompanies it further into the city. As they travel farther, the pair discover that, while the city is completely devoid of human life, their robotic servants, Companions, remain. In the time of humanity’s absence, the Companions have grown self aware and have built their own society among the ruins of the city, but they likewise are trapped underground. However, the ruins are also infested with Zurks, mutant creatures that have evolved to devour both organic life and robots.

The pair meet Momo, who is a member of the Outsiders, a group of Companions dedicated to finding a way to the surface. With the Outsiders’s help, the cat and B-12 are able to proceed to the Midtown sector of the city. There, they locate Clementine, another Outsider who plans to steal an atomic battery to power a subway train that leads to the surface. The trio are caught and arrested by the Sentinels, but the cat is able to help them all escape prison. Clementine stays behind to distract the Sentinels while the cat and B-12 escape on the subway, which takes them to the city control center. B-12 finally recovers all of its memories. It reveals that it was originally a human scientist who attempted to upload their own consciousness into a robot body, but the process went awry until the cat arrived. B-12 also remembers that the city, Walled City 99, was built to shelter humanity from a catastrophe on the surface, but a plague eventually wiped out the entire human population. Realizing that humanity’s legacy now lies with the Companions and the cat, B-12 sacrifices itself to open the blast doors over the city, exposing it to sunlight which kills all of the Zurks and the deactivation of the Sentinels. With the main exit unsealed, the cat leaves the city and reaches the surface. As the cat leaves, a screen flickers and activates.

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