STRAY - Where to find Clementine - Location Walkthrough Guide -

STRAY – Where to find Clementine – Location Walkthrough Guide

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Walkthrough guide how to find Clementine in the cat game STRAY. Clementine leaves you a hint in her apartment. You need to find the items to interact with that will reveal her location.

After doing so, you’ll discover that our dear little cat Stray needs to go to a nightclub, which you can’t enter, as the bouncer won’t allow you. To get inside you need to find an alternative entrance to the main door.

The entrance is through a window in the back alley. Then once inside the nightclub, you need to go to the upper floor, by getting a lever in exchange for a drink, put the lever in and use the elevator to get to the upper floor, where you’ll find Clementine.

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  2. But for me the club is closed what do I have to do ?

  3. I looked up this video cause I haven't found clementine yet… you make the thumbnail a spoiler? Come on dude… :/

  4. Man i am really not asking myself basic questions with this game lol

  5. Thanks, I somehow didn't see the note on the wall

  6. 1:01 wtf is that cut? Do you just YOLO it and run straight through it??

  7. Damn. I spent 20 minutes looking for the clues but I never saw the thing on the wall

  8. No idea how I missed this. I ran in and out of this housing area like 5 times lol

  9. i tried doing this but she’s already in the room and i don’t see a note

  10. This game's biggest flaw is a lack of hints and direction. You can stay lost in one part of the game for hours. 9 out of 10. It would be perfect otherwise.

  11. There's nothing in Clementine's room. Can't find the note and can't progress

  12. Let's be honest, how pissed are you about the typo in the thumbnail?

  13. I've spent half an hour looking for her and I still have clue where I'm supposed to look. The lack of information and tips you get honestly breaks the game for me

  14. I think my game is broken cuz I'm not finding the clues in her apartment. She's gone but the clues are all here but aren't giving me an option to click them.. can I skip this part? Edit. Nvm I missed the note xD I feel dumb now

  15. Why did you fast forward through the part where you went up the stairs….😒😒

  16. You didn't tell me how to get out if clementines apartment and back into the square…

  17. i missed it because all of the lava lamps have stars in them and even the one in the pic looked like that

  18. After i disabled the 3 cameras,Miko won't dance.Why?I need help

  19. After get into the second floor to get in her apartment i jumped on the vents in the middle from on rail to another its easier to get inside instead of they notice you

  20. I found clementine before and couldn't interact with her when she was on her computer, weird..

  21. I haaaate this part of the game, with a passion. Ugh

  22. Thanks so much! I hate wandering around. I never have any idea where to go in this game. I am all for exploring, but I hate getting lost in a game 🙂 Thanks for the assist 🙂

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