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T3DP Live Atomic Filament Goodie Box and Starting to wire up off grid

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Fake SQ11 – $16 –
Fake SQ11 – $5 –

Both are fakes the amazon one works as webcam and has tv out but still vga resolution BUT it does have the advantage of 1/3 the battery size so the stripper camera is under 4g !!

The Aliexpress one is a different fake. cheaper but also larger battery around 6.5g stripped. no webcam. but also $11 cheaper

Mingda Magician X2

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Filament Joiner

Aspire PC
Keyboard Mouse
USB Drive

Filamanet Vac Bag Kit
Hobby Knife
Doc Camera
Portable Battery
Solar Panel

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Filament Favorites

ColorMe3D makers of Purple Haze Pla. Exotic Transparents Affordable

Paramount3D Pure Rich Nice Colors Clean Dyes Good Price

Saintsmart Filament

Eryone Filament (real nice silks and rainbows)

Esun PLA Pro – very Forgiving and strong, prints like butter
All Colors


  1. You're good with finding deals. Do you know of any good 3d printing products (resin printer/filament) that is sold by and shipped by Amazon. I ask because they have a deal coming of if you use just $1 of Amex points you get 40% off but only on sold by amazon products. I don't need a resin printer but if I could get one 40% off that would be tempting. Thanks.

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