Talking Atomic Watch - Setting Time & Time Zone -

Talking Atomic Watch – Setting Time & Time Zone

Magnifying Aids – Low Vision Center
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Magnifying Aids – Demonstrating how to manually set the correct time.
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  1. Is there any option for using in India, I mean will i be able to use it by manual time setting?

  2. My mom works at a consignment store, and saw this watch and got it for me. I love it for its ridiculousness. However, the date button comes in handy bc I'm I never know what the date is, or the day for that matter 🙃

  3. The way to get this to update: take a length of wire.. doesn't matter what kind, inside telephone wire, speaker wire, ethernet wire, even an unused extension cord. Wrap one end around the body of the watch 10-20 times, and string the rest up like a long wire antenna. Your improvised long wire antenna will catch more of the signal , create a standing wave inside it, and the coil end will induce a stronger radio signal into the tiny interal antenna in the watch. If you want to make a permanent signal booster, cut a piece of cardboard into a square, coil up one end of your wire (thin is easiest to work with, like from old inside house telephone wire), coil one end into a circle a few inches in diameter, tape your circle down to the cardboard in a circle, and then set it on your shelf or nightstand where youw ant to park your atomic time sync watches at night. String the rest of the wire up as your long wire antenna. Then just part your watches on the cardboard square signal boosting watch parking pad.. You can thank my paretns for buying the family a shortwave family that I played with as a kid for this 😉

  4. Marisol,my watch got stuk on midle day what do I do to make work

  5. Thanks to your well made and informative presentation, I'm now able to set up this watch which my dearly departed grandfather passed on to me.

  6. I put in a new battery. The clock runs. Clock does not talk when pushing buttons according to this video. Watch doesn't respond to any button pushing sequence.

  7. That's how to set the time zone. But how do you set the time?

  8. How to get the watch to quit announcing every hour?

  9. please help me get this watch to stop announcing the time every hour!

  10. Good job, well made video 🤗

  11. Finally, someone who knows to to explain something correctly. Thank you!

  12. How do you set it up for Daylight Savings Time?

  13. Thanks for this video
    I want to know how change the battery please

  14. My sister is mentally handicapped and somehow she changed the time zone to Germany. Im trying to set to USA eastern but its not giving me the right time

  15. I want this watch what was thi cost
    This watch

  16. where is the 3 o clock botton? say what??? g wiz i can't find it

  17. I spent an hour with this watch…….even after setting the 'time zone'….the watch's hands continued to move forward…..and have continued to do so………this is extremely frustrating!

  18. Good directions – thank you. Watch responded exactly as you described.

  19. Thank you. My mum is visually impaired and relies on this watch to keep track of time. Many thanks from the UK.

  20. Greetings If we watch this clock My name is shaukat khan Rawalpindi city road Oceania hot This is my address Zero 0092 309 Five zeroes 18 786 This is my whitspeed number Sir i'm blind Help me as much as possible Sir I am very poor And this is my We want to talk to the Lajmi Talking Watch Thanks goodbye

  21. How do you change the time? I need to change the time zone from San Diego California to Mexico please help!

  22. True time talking atomics is and won't talk or take comand

  23. I cannot find the place to set time zone on my watch. I've had many of these before and this one doesn't give the option. I set time manually, then next morning it had jumped one hour ahead on its own. Help?

  24. ⛽️👩‍🔧😞😊🥺😌😎😎🙁😎 I bb. J. Jbnnbb. 😎🍷😊 🙁🎉🚺🐰😣

  25. on which watch did you do this? It sounded like an on-time watch, butt the voice is a little higher pitch.

  26. The voice is loud, but not exactly clear. Almost ignoring.

  27. Thank you! Helped out a dear elderly neighbor with this as she had lost her instructions!

  28. Thank you for your very clear and easy explanation. My second year using this video. Thanks 🤗

  29. How to set country is in the Philippines I can't set it

  30. Iam visiting again. thank you for your easy and great video. 🤗

  31. Time optimc wiist watch, how do get it to ra,kk after putting a new battery in the watch

  32. hey man i need this watch so when i contact for you

  33. The voice says the right time but the hands won’t. What do I do?

  34. I followed directions for setting my watch. I set it for Eastern time but it always resets itself 1 hour ahead of time. What is the problem?

  35. Time.. to… kick… 4ss… and… chew… bubble… gum
    Really wish this had a female voice option and not just… Duke Nukem.
    Be nice if it had a florscent glowing dial too but I guess since you can make it talk int he dark… that's superflous to the manufacturer.

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