Tension over Zaporozhzhye NPP Grows, Ukraine Demands NATO Entry; Russia Huge Tank Production - ndbatteries.com

Tension over Zaporozhzhye NPP Grows, Ukraine Demands NATO Entry; Russia Huge Tank Production

Alexander Mercouris
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Tension over Zaporozhzhye NPP Grows, Ukraine Refuses Russia Talks, Demands NATO Entry; Russia Plans Huge Tank Production Increase
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  1. You give analyss. The west is sick is apalying.amerka needs to stop this world is going to eat we need to stop black rock

  2. For how long must we stand beside watching al of this injustice..when wil a collective concioussnes rise up al over the evil western hemisphere .to get rid of those who andanger oure welbeing.

  3. No problem Zelensky, someone else will replace you and do what Washington says

  4. Sorry the typo but iam in america, iam sick that we know 10,00,00,000 has gone to ,,/the/ war we should be so gar sgendt that. We can not win a comtenal war

  5. Sorry about typo
    Just saying America nedds to get out of this Vietnam gugmira britom and america is doimed

  6. Priceless work Alexander. Safe journey home – we need yah!

  7. Why need one thousand tanks if you don't want to use it? Not cheap you know. As of now, Russia have enough tanks to run all the way to Poland. That new production line is entirely for Finland alone and its a long way to Sweden. Trump ignored Elensky but Biden instigate Elensky to fight to the last Ukrainian. And you know why? Because to cover his junkie son corruption in Ukraine but those Ukrainian thought they fight for honor, motherland, and etc…. Don't get your news from the mainstream, most of Ukrainian soldier are in six feet underground resting peacefully.

  8. Don’t be so Naive,US senators just stated that if there’s an explosion there then Nato should go in,now,with the nato meeting on the 11th,well,
    You can see exactly what’s going to happen

  9. As W has no reason to preserve their defenses since Russia would never attack them, they may support Uk much more. The only thing which refrain them doing that is that twould unmask the hysteria based military budgets.

  10. Supporter of slaughter of women and children…blood on your hands….

  11. Of course Ukraine demands NATO entry, i thought Ukraine was winning that war

  12. You don’t have to worry about us sending troops to Ukraine
    50% of the county are to lazy to work anymore especially the youth
    They want everything for free
    They want the taxpayer to support them
    I’ve saw reports that 2/3 of the youth can’t meet the requirements to join the military
    Their too fat and out of shape to pass the test and a lot of them have criminal records
    The us is done it’s just a matter of time before it all falls apart
    The us doesn’t have the courage to fight this kind of war.
    They don’t have technological advantage today like they did in the past.
    They may be more advanced than Russia or China,but it’s not enough to make a difference.
    Good Day

  13. Lol yr kid busting in was hella cute. Class A reaction on yr part.

  14. Why Ukr would accept W pressure to negotiate after losing 10th of thousands because the W convinced them last March not to negotiate? Absurd cynicism from the W which started an unstoppable chain reaction with uncertain consequences.

  15. Blitzkrieg perhaps does not perform well in THIS war but can still succeed in another upcoming war, therefore the term "coming to an end" is jumping to conclusions.

    Further the UA and the RU army are not on par, means talking about arrow offensives not working once two armies confront each other on par, does not apply here, means that, if the russians would WANT TO launch such an arrow offensive they could do it and they would succeed without any doubt, even though with way larger casualty rate, men and equipment-wise.

    The fact tht UA failed with it's Blitzkrieg strategy of recent, doe NOT mean that it wouldn't work if they were on PAR which they are NOT. With air-power, more demining equipment, more artillery capacities it could still work to a certain degree while, against Russia it ultimately won't anyway,, a simple look at some key numbers as well as at the MAP telly everyone that who does not put his head into the sand like the proverbial Ostrich.

  16. Have a well deserve rest Alex. We can catch up in couple of days.

  17. What lies are on the menu today? Alex the convicted thief

  18. General alex,read,digested and understood,very informative video!!

  19. The Russians were no embarrassed. These are the vicissitudes of war. The Ukrainians destroyed a damn, flooded the place, and took advantage of the fact that the Russians had not built defensive works in the area, and landed paratroopers on the wrong side of the river. The Russians have taken steps to eliminate the incursion; there is nothing to be ashamed of

  20. The way Mr Putin has conducted this war is a perfect example of why politicians should leave the fighting to the generals, he has made huge blunder after blunder, firstly the coup was allowed to take place, it should have been crushed, secondly the Russians went into Ukraine with a tickling stick, and all this talk about saving lives is rubbish, if he had been that concerned to start with then crushing the coup would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives

  21. The Americans told Sillyinsky that the world was behind him and they are not.
    The world wants America and Britain out of the Ukraine.

  22. I think the Russian's used heavy missiles… to hit "two birds with one stone"…

  23. So why don't we just declare War against Russia
    Like NeoCons want

  24. How about the Ukrainian should get a F out of Europe and go to USA and have their demand there to Biden clan

  25. FRONTLINES TODAY Ukraine continues to press attacks, particularly on the Tokmak, Velyka Novosilka, and Bakhmut fronts. Ukraine controls a foothold on the east side of the Dnipro River near the remains of the Antonivka Road Bridge, despite Russian artillery and missile attacks. Russia continues to make ineffective attacks on the Lyman and Donetsk (Avdiivka/Marinka) fronts, but has made no measurable progress.

  26. Volodymyr Yermolenko@yermolenko_v

    Our dearest friend and brilliant Ukrainian writer and human rights activist Victoria Amelina passed away.. killed by a Russian missile (at the restaurant at Kramatorsk).. since RU invasion she has been documenting RU war crimes.. now killed by one of them.. devastating…..

  27. Western entities had been given all the contracts for Zaporozhye NPP starting around 1914. Maybe it was only to start countering Rosatom's strong, in some case monopoly position, in supplying international markets with fuel rods. There is also some speculation on using the plant and Ukraine to develop weapons grade materials there as well as other Western supported activities.
    The commercial role of nuclear electric power exports (domestic base load in electricity production from NPPs in Ukraine is very high,around 50%, which is a balancing problem for the grid as bringing a NPP up takes several days. Usually grid balancing needs hydro or other quick reacting sources for balance. Ukraine has had some grid balancing with parallel synchronized Russian grids. Synchronization with Central and Western European grids (ENTSO-E) has only started and this synchronization was hoped to allow Ukraine sizable exports and export revenues for it's "problematic" oversupply of nuclear power based electricity.
    Zaporozhye NPP was the hope for all the above for Ukraine prior to this SMO.

  28. Good to hear the boss coming in at the end & telling you to wrap things up! Take your time & enjoy your break, A. We ain't going anywhere.

  29. ww2 did the same thing..nothing new Alexander

  30. I hope that someone hacks You Tube and all the other social media and that NAFO, or someone else, after the war spreads the IP addresses, names and residences of all traitors who have supported Russia's attack on an independent country and Putin's attempt to steal land

  31. I've come to the conclusion that the only hope the U.S. has is if RFK, Jr becomes President because he said he will tell Americans the TRUTH ABOUT EVERYTHING in his first 90 days. Being U.S. citizens we are tired of the lies and demands of other countries when we aren't taking care of ourselves. AND one Ukrainian vlogger is demanding we stop watching Russian vloggers. I've watched Russian vloggers for years and I don't appreciate being told not to watch them. I'll watch whatever I want to and when I comment on this it gets deleted. THIS is not freedom if Ukraine wants to know.

  32. In my opinion, sending a 1500 kg bomb is a better idea than sending a group of infantry into harm's way. A bomb – even an expensive one – can be more easily replaced than the lives of soldiers 9and citizens).

    P.S. Being embarrassed over unexpected set-backs is an unworthy reaction for military leaders. It leads to poor judgement (as in sending infantry troops within range of Ukrainian artillery).

    Someone in the military command was not thinking with a clear head, and fucked up in a large way.

  33. Great podcast Alexander, zelensky is trying to hold out until the nato summit, then maybe the nato greedies will say, yes you have joined, and instantly say that russia has attacked a nato country, it would make no difference that nato and the corrupt regime in washington had been involved in war supplying weapons to a non nato or EU member, its always been about what fits in with the greedies, I would hope that citizens of the world would encourage all young men from joining any army that they have power over.

  34. The figures that Alexander mentioned based on crap from Shoigu are worthless. Why would Shoigu state publicly that they are monitoring certain Ukrainian communications ?? Shoigu is a liar who heads a "potemkin village" Ministry in Russia (based on their military performance) that is totally corrupt and 'lies for its dinner' .


  36. There should a massive inquiry into possible fraud that the collective West have committed against their citizens taxpayers for all those weapons that was send to Ukraine and the billions of dollars they claim each weapons worth that was funded by taxpayers money have been useless against Russian weapons on the bottle field the lies were told to the people that the weapons NATO have in their arsenal was the best in the world which came at a very high price for the taxpayers and billions of dollars for the weapon industrial complex who sold us the taxpayers poorly made weapons which not even fit to fight in Hollywood war movie the way I see things on the bottle field Russia could easily over run the West if they were forcefully push into a corner by the collective West where the Russian see noway out

  37. If Zelensky refuses to negotiate with Russia except under ridiculous terms, then US should stop supporting them and see how long it takes for Russia to destroy their country!

  38. The stingers and javelin are reminiscent of the U.S.'s entry into, covertly, against Russia in Afghanistan. The training of Mujahideen soldiers by U.S. "advisors" with these shoulder-fired anti-air rockets and other more sophisticated arms deliveries were a key factor in Russia pulling out after 10 years. But, we left all those weapons and the training there and later when the Kremlin warned us not to go to war in Afghanistan, because it's a quagmire you cannot escape, we laughed and said they were just sissies (the word had to do with cats though) who could never stand up to the U.S. military. And yet, better than 2 decades later Trump makes a deal for us to skulk away with our tail between our legs and the Taliban in power. So of course the U.S. does something once in a desert war were Russia is just assisting the current government, and the U.S. thinks the same trick is going to work when their proxies only adversary is the Russian Federation. The Russian military is not the broke down, untrained, ill-fated group of people the West is trying so hard to get the rest of the world to believe. If the Russian military was exactly how the West has claimed it was until this past spring, the Ukrainian military would have crushed them within 2 weeks as they had already had them outmanned 650K+: 200K! I think the U.S. figured that they give Ukraine javelins and stingers as well as related radar systems for air defense and spying uses, this would take out their airforce and large equipment formations and Ukrainian forces would just go in to mop up and kill the remaining ethnic Russians Ukrainian citizens.
    But it didn't work out for the U.S., because they underestimated Russia's military and the Russian people. The West has continued to try and make this "Putin's War" but the Ethnic Russian former Ukrainian citizens and the Russian people see this as a "Russian Issue" not what the West wants Russians to believe. They see the sanctions, the military equipment pouring into Ukraine as items against the Russian People. The reason President Putin's approval ratings are so high is only because, in overall, he and his team have handled the Russian economy, currency worth, military equipment supplies for the men and women in arms, and relationships with many friendly countries around the world are strong. But they don't have him on a godlike pedestal.

  39. NATO is the irritant that caused this. So, let's make this a NATO war and demand NATO Membership. Not so smart

  40. The six reactors at the plant were built to withstand anything short of a tactical nuke. You won't crack them with conventional explosives. The real vulnerability is the cooling system which depends on continuous supply of both electricity and cooling water. Interrupt either and problems might mount.

  41. Hopefully we will quit useless NATO. Let the swiss alps visitors take care of themselves.

  42. Zoolenski is more insane and delusional than Adolf Hitler was in 1946 … Russia needs to ignore the negotiation nonsense … Russia will accept the unconditional Surrender of the Ukraine Nazi 4th reich goons … and the relocation of all the midan scum to the eu … Russia is going to Liberate the whole of the Ukraine … if they dont then they will have to fight this battle over and over again and that just does not make sense. Negotiation with the Globalist one world Cabal is a waste of time and and not worth the paper it is written on. The 2014 Minsk agreement proved That negotiation is simply giving the west time to breathe, re-arm, re-organize and come back for the Next round.

  43. A.M. As much as I look for to your videos and the Duran videos I really don’t think you have to force yourself to make one every day. You’ve got to take a day off here and there. I’m sure it takes five hours of looking up stuff on the Internet and reading emails before you come up with one video. Just enjoy your vacation please. Here in the US we are having the Fourth of July today. As an ER doctor I have to work , but it’s kind of depressing anyway. I’ve got to see my country fall apart over my lifetime.

  44. All nuke plants are used for nuclear weapon maintenance and development. They are net negative energy when storage, production, etc is taken into account. They just allow convenient power in areas where coal or otherwise is your only option.

  45. Those conclusions about arrow offensives being "dead" sounds extremely suspect to me. Yes attritional warfare has its place, but drawing the conclusion that ONLY attritional warfare has a place anymore, judging from the extremely lopsided and unique warfare going on in Ukraine, seems a leap too far. The means of modern warfare are constantly evolving– NOBODY could have foreseen the way this war has unfolded– the return of a WW1 style trench warfare, importance and evolving role of drones in warfare, the importance of integrated air defense and the effects of having one's air defense wiped out versus having a much stronger air defense, the effects of having one's air forces nearly wiped out versus having freedom of action in the air… plus then there's the quantitative and QUALITATIVE differences between weapons systems, as has been demonstrated by the relative efficacy of both equipment and tactics in combat and the outcomes of various operations. The most important quality that has been shown to be indispensable is training, morale, discipline, and unit cohesion and combined training to operate effectively, plus intelligent tactics… It has become obvious to anybody paying any attention and having any understanding that troops simply cannot be given cursory piecemeal training in various countries and on a hodge-podge of equipment and tossed into combat and be effective at gaining their objectives… on the contrary, such operations have been suicide machines, as the profligate loss of life on the Uke side has shown. Such a terrible waste, and one that demonstrates not only the callous and total disregard for human life by the "leaders" of the West, but also a total disconnect between those leaders and their "underlings" in the military who should actually know better… and how gutless and honorless our military leadership has become, in that they participate in this mass murder by condoning these idiotic ideas of their leadership instead of resigning in protest with thier honor and scruples intact. Its absolutely sickening…

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