The ᵃˡᵐᵒˢᵗ INFINITE ENERGY of the Voyager ⚡ How a Nuclear Battery Works -

The ᵃˡᵐᵒˢᵗ INFINITE ENERGY of the Voyager ⚡ How a Nuclear Battery Works

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In this video, we will see how the Voyager keeps working after 40 years from what is seems infinite energy. this is thanks to a nuclear battery or more specifically a radioisotope thermoelectric generator.

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  1. So why not use it in our phones so we could throw away our chargers

  2. wonderful video, but to be precise, the name of the rtg installed inside the voyager 1 and 2 was called Multihundred-Watt radioisotope thermoelectric generator (MHW RTG), not gphs

  3. You know If we used pulse technology, we could get more electricity out of coil and capacitor

  4. 3 down, can feel a binge session on this channel coming, all my favourite topics covered in depth

  5. hmmmm.. so pyro,ferro,piezo,photo, magnetic, electric effects says other wise. mankind has much to wake tf up too.

  6. The Company I work for, we forge spheres that hold nuclear fuel for satellites. Titanium, high strength alloy, ranging between 7' – 2.5' width. Forged on a 150,000lb Counterblow from 4" thick then machined to 1/8" thick the strength is incredible. In the last 20yrs with technology their size has greatly reduced but still it is something to see when forging. Great video

  7. EV can have smaller, lighter but powerful enough lithium ion battery to run power train and voyager style nuke battery that slowly trickle charge and maintain it at 80%. EV that don’t need to be plugged in at home. I would definitely buy that EV. Can use that for home power wall too. No more electric bill. Just water bill or may be rain catcher for that too.

  8. > generating 0.568 watts per secondPlease, help yourself out of popular science.

  9. ISTEN nelkul az elbukot ember paradox modon csak a poklot tudja megalmodni maganak allandoevolucio kent haboruk katasztrofak gyilkolaszasok versengesek akkar milyen nagy a tudomany a boldogsagot beket nyugalmat nem eri el ez jellemzi az elorevetitet jovot ,,,,,,,

  10. If matter changes when we change its atoms then we can produce artificial elements that never existed

  11. The best explanation ever, thanks pro…

  12. Limitless energy 40 years ago but they still charging us for everything the earth provides us .

  13. That was an amazing breakdown of how that works

  14. hello , I have a question , why RTG in the voyager is outside of it

  15. hard to understand for a common people…too much scientific topic discussed

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