The 1966 Batmobile gets an atomic charge -

The 1966 Batmobile gets an atomic charge

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The Batmobile gets a charge from the Atomic Reactor and a bit of radiation is siphoned/vacuumed off to make a radioactive spray!


  1. 1:17 I COULD HAVE SWORN he said OCTOVALVE … he said OUTLET valve lol i thought wow another thing elon took from batman

  2. That yellow gas is leaking out of the filler…..

  3. If only controlling radiation was so easy,

  4. Hmm millionair,e physicist, crime fighter, a man for all seasons.

  5. Meanwhile, Alfred starts glowing from shoddy radiation safety……

  6. Short pause.. Hold your breath for the dynamic duo!!!

  7. Marty McFly, " Are you telling me this sucker is nuclear?!"

  8. Well, this explains a lot of the early nuclear accidents..

  9. Geez Batman, how many hazardous waste laws are we breaking today?

  10. Could someone reanimate these classic episodes?

  11. 0:30 I hope Robin didn't inhale all that leaking atomic power. lmao

  12. Seventeen triple-o KW. One of so many classic Batman lines.

  13. 1960s – 17,000 kilowatts (kW)
    1980s – 1.21 Gigawatts (GW)
    Seems cars were more energy efficient in the ‘60s! 🤪

  14. Did Batman get the plutonium from the Libyans?

  15. Is it just me or does this kind of remind you of something Walter White would come up with? And Robin looks like Jesse here.

  16. Hope Robin was wearing his Radiation Proof Bat Underwear. Definitely saw some of that yellow gas leak out.

  17. back when Catwoman was a "powerful criminal element"

  18. "17,000 kW"

    Or, as an intellectual would say it, 17 megawatts (MW).

  19. Nice. First thing i thought is if it can be detected from 50 Miles away everyone Would be irradiated.

  20. 17000kw, the external gas powered generator for my home generates 20000kw

  21. Gonna spray Catwoman with some radioactive goop..whoa Batman is totally sadistic. 😄

  22. I don't know much, but I'm pretty sure that the Local, State, and Federal Governments would have something negative to say about the unlicensed secret Nuclear Reactor he has in his cave.

  23. Wow nice to really see all the details at 60fps the leaky tube/ hose the gloves over gloves. The same one liners for Alfred, Batman giving stuff to him while only Batman has protection. The jumps they both do when jogging away to do something like if they really have to use the restroom.

  24. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😀👍🏼

  25. I love how Batman calls for the power to be increased to 1,700 KW, and Robin increases it to 17,000 KW.

  26. the way they just casualy jog everywhere always gets me

  27. Meanwhile, back at the Cat House…

  28. This bothered me a a young age when watching the two part stories, and what bugged me was why do these well equipped well financed super criminals simply get guns , if you can afford a MR Freeze suit you should actually have the ability to purchase a tank and equip your guys with AK 47's . Better yet why cannot the Gothlam City Police not handle unarmed criminals

  29. Alfred: "Hey! Batdude! What do I do with the radioactive gloves?"

  30. 2021 anda wating for my nuclear power Honda Jazz.

  31. He wears gloves over his gloves. Batman doesn't like to get dirty

  32. Back those days when batman doesn't yet know about protein shake and steroids.

  33. The yellow gas leaked when Robin turned it on.

  34. Did he just put gloves on gloves? Holy nonsense Batman

  35. What is surprising is that someone in the former KGB saw this segment of Batman and suggested to his superiors to use some type of radioactive spray to surveillance American diplomatic personnel based in Moscow during the 1980s.

  36. Refuels using the exhaust outlet 🥶 That’ll fox em all.

  37. Batman out here with the renewable energy!!!!

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