The 1966 Batmobile hood opened, speedometer, & actual V8 engine heard! -

The 1966 Batmobile hood opened, speedometer, & actual V8 engine heard!

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Wear your seat belts, obey the speed laws, you can’t trust a prison trusty! Note that in this episode is one of the few times (twice) the show that the Futura Batmobile’s hood is opened. Notice the Batmobile probably needs a tune up or another quart of oil! At the end you can hear it’s the actual car’s classic V-8 engine along with the atomic and turbine whine! (and the speedometer was just an insert shot, not actually on the Batmobile)


  1. OH………….to be able to drive such a machine!!! *drool*

  2. 1966 and the Warden's car can't do over 70. The 1934 Ford v8's Bonnie and Clyde loved could do 65.

  3. Shelley Winters, playing "Ma" Parker" soon to do "Bloody Mama" 1970 playing "Ma" Barker". ?

  4. Gotta Love Hollywood! Rubber tires squealing on dirt roads!!!!

  5. The only thing not embarrassing about this show is the car!

  6. Why does Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullok look like Adam West and Burt Ward?….come to think of it that bus looks a bit off too.

  7. Zero to sixty in what? Three minutes? Four?

  8. I like how the batmobile has a turbine engine and 3 huge ass exhaust pipes….for Rollin coal.howed you like that AOC?

  9. The world's greatest detective isn't suspicious when some stranger had the hood of the Batmobile open? Also, I would think that hood is lead lined to protect people from the Atomic power that surges through the turbines. Damn this show still looks like fun television in 2021. It just never gets old.

  10. The speedometer is the kind used in Jeeps – then and now.

  11. Ah, the year 1966. When driving 50mph was really hauling ass. 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Oh to be an actor and play the baddie in batman,,, colombo,,,,,,

  13. There was no picture or video of the engine ?

  14. Remote hood release. Batmoble was ahead of its time

  15. When he fishtailed out you can hear it at the end…cool.

  16. Poor Warden David Louis, trying to rule over this bunch of crazies, then made the patriarch of another family of goofs on General Hospital as Edward Quartermaine.

  17. The Batmobile is supposed to be theft proof in the comics and tamper proof, but the tv show altered alot.

  18. 1:42 i like the way she says 'speedometer'


  19. Give me a break.
    Batman didn't find it suspicious that some convict had his hands under his car's hood?
    He only lived because he's a nerd–thinks you can't drive over 55.

  20. 1996 speed staring Keanu reeves and sandra bullock

  21. They're not showing you the engine so you can't see it's a common Lincoln Y-block V8 with a short arm intake; it's making a respectable-today 330hp, but the car weighs as much as a Chevy Suburban..

  22. A good driver always obeys the speed limit.

  23. There is only one Batman and his name "ADAM WEST' . What a guy


    The first is I imagine that the year1966 version of Batman might exist within either the EARTH-4 realm, or in the EARTH-6 dimensional realm.

  25. Thank goodness he wasn't driving on the Interstate!

  26. Great, crooks are now enforcing the speed of heros. Im going back to sleep

  27. Guess the Boy Wonder will never know just what an awesome dinner Aunt Harriet had in store for him…coulda woulda shoulda…🤔

  28. From trying to steal "The Lone Ranger's Horse"; to trying to blow up the BATMOBILE! Boy! That 'mechanic' sure had a 'checkered' career!

  29. Next video to find is the use of the Emergency Bat-turn lever.

  30. Interesting that Batman says a good driver always obeys the speed limit, in this case 55mph, however the Bat-speedometers needle indicates that they are doing over the speed limit!
    Too bad he didn't practice what he preaches in this case!! A Bat-hypocrite!!😆😆

  31. Years later a fan of this episode wrote speed.

  32. What's funny is not only did Shelly Winters play Ma Parker on Batman she played Ma Barker in Roger Corman's Bloody Mama.

  33. I actually sat inside a Batmobile at FanExpoCanada in Toronto in 2016, but that car didn't have the round speedometer as shown at 0:43 – it had the flat-top one as seen at 1:16 in front of the steering wheel.

  34. Fazia tempo que queria achar esse episódio. 🏆🏆🏆

  35. never seen this particular episode, but i knew he would never exceed the speed limit as a crime fighter. 🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒

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