The Atomic Bear: SWAT Tactical Pen Review -

The Atomic Bear: SWAT Tactical Pen Review

Coach Helder
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Coach Helder reviews the SWAT tactical pen and shares his opinion on it.


  1. Very informative. Keep the videos coming 🙂

  2. WOW….great tactical pen for $13.00. Got mine last week and was impressed on how well it is made…..⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐…..😎

  3. Need to get one, a good tool plus i need a reliable pen anyway 🙂

  4. Just ordered one based on this video and after seeing it in Amazon first

  5. As soon as mine came in I went onto their website to start my lifetime warranty and they gave a discount code for their flashlight. So the $7 flashlight is in the mail. Haha. This pen is awesome so I expect the flashlight to be great quality for $7.

  6. Is this really a great quality pen? Durability and rigidity?

  7. Really good review thank you! I have been looking at the smith and wesson SWPENMP2BK 5.8in and this one. Hmmm

  8. This is a rugged and high-quality defensive tool. Yeah, the cap tends to stick too tightly but definitely not a deal-breaker for an quality product like this. Highly recommended.

  9. I scored and found this in the dog park the other night! Thanks for the video giving me perspective.

  10. Great I broke a library window with the pen! (Video on my channel)

  11. Wow thank you sooo much I did have a hard time figuring out the pen part😃

  12. I got it yesterday and it's really well made I like it

  13. Ouch bro, hands looking a little rough.

  14. That “thumb rest” is a glass breaker but i see where ur coming from great review deffo gonna buy one

  15. I have a tactical fly swatter and a tactical a tactical coat hanger. Would this ink pen complete my tacti-cool arsenal? I practice weekly with my fly swatter and coat hanger in the event of an attack. These weapons will one day save a loved ones life if needed. Stay safe brothers, always watch your six. Ha ga

  16. Just got mine in the mail yesterday!!
    That tungsten carbide tip is SHARP!!

  17. is the clip really removable? mine seems like it's on there pretty good

  18. is the cap strong enought to be carry on my pant belt without falling apart? do the tungsten breaking tip wear easily when you edc it in a pocket? is the pocket clip realy strong?

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