The Best Deals from Home Depot Lowe's Amazon Northern Tool Harbor Freight amd Wal-Mart -

The Best Deals from Home Depot Lowe’s Amazon Northern Tool Harbor Freight amd Wal-Mart

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In this episode we bring you deals from makita Milwaukee dewalt rigid Bauer Harbor freight Walmart Amazon home depot Lowe’s northern tool and rural king. The deals on these rigid Milwaukee dewalt yeah it’s locky dewalt ryobi husky and and many more at Walmart home depot Lowe’s northern tool Harbor freight northern tool and rural king are brought to you by the deal team 6. All of these should be considered normal and you need to check out brick seek as well as the yellow’s home depot Walmart Amazon northern tool and worldking or menards apps or menards apps to find out what the prices will be in your area before you head out.

We found great deals on Milwaukee dilwalt riobi alt rigid husky husky skill and and many more many more at Lowe’s home depot Walmart Amazon northern tool Burger King and Harbor freight. Deals about Milwaukee, Dewalt, Ridgid, Ryobi, Bosch, Husky, Craftsman and Makita were contributed by Joe the Tool Guy Jeff Offstroff and the rest of Deal Team 6.

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  1. Just picked up a teq 12 piece torx bit-socket set for about 9 bucks. The wolves already had a crack at the merch…only scraps left. Gonna check some other stores for ratcheting ratchetas.

  2. 😎🛠️😎🛠️😎 Great video Robert, that blue husky tool chest was nice, felt higher quality than most too.

  3. Some sweet deals there just note not every store will have the deal

  4. I got 3 of those husky 3/8 kit for my ridgid 3/8 sub compact

  5. I had the Bosch impact and drill (bought separately, they didn't offer a kit with both at the time) when they were the 10.8v! Paid easily over $200 or more to get these. About three months later, Bosch came out with the 12v max line! Talk about bad timing! 😅
    But they were a solid impact and drill! Got many years of constant use out of them working on vehicles.

    Btw, I finally got that Ridgid High Torque 6-Mode Impact Wrench on order! I was able to pick up the kit for…get this…$249! Right before that kit (charger and two batteries) sold out, too! If it wasn't for you and the Torque Test Channel, I would never have found (nor purchased) this impact.
    Have a good one! 🐺🐺

  6. Still looking for the Husky impact socket set. Any links or code numbers?

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