THE FALL GUY filmmakers talk Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, JOHN WICK, DEADPOOL 2 I Happy Sad Confused -

THE FALL GUY filmmakers talk Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, JOHN WICK, DEADPOOL 2 I Happy Sad Confused

Josh Horowitz
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The filmmaking team of director David Leitch and producer Kelly McCormick are responsible for some of the biggest action movies of the last decade, from JOHN WICK to ATOMIC BLONDE to DEADPOOL 2 and now THE FALL GUY. David and Kelly also happen to be married. They join Josh to talk about their journey through filmmaking and why THE FALL GUY is such a passion project for them both. #happysadconfused #joshhorowitz #thefallguy

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00:00 Introduction
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18:32 Aaron Taylor-Johnson
21:18 Practical effects
30:43 DEADPOOL 2
35:20 Lady Gaga
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37:54 Producing
41:43 Jurassic Park
44:34 Future projects


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  2. I hope Fall Guy is as compulsively rewatchable as Deadpool 2 🤞

  3. He should make a Men in black movie with Aaron Taylor Johnson and Brian tyree Henry loved them in bullet train

  4. While watching this great interview and looking at the Fall Guy poster behind Kelly I got the crazy idea that David should do a new Starsky and Hutch movie with Ryan Gosling as Ken Hutchinson and Aaron Taylor Johnson as Dave Starsky. As a true buddy cop movie.

  5. David would make a great X-force movie or X-Men movie

  6. Michael Shannon would've been a great Cable

  7. Josh — Please. Watch the series "No CGI is just Invisible CGI".

  8. Josh, respectfully, it's honestly disappointing to see a knowledgeable film industry veteran like you propagate the false implication that practical is always better than CG.

    Mad Max Fury Road had 2000+ CG shots. That's not just 'some'. Top Gun had like one real plane onscreen ( The one Tom Cruise flies with Jennifer Connelly). EVERY, and I mean, EVERY other plane in that film was CG. With again, over 2000+ VFX shots in it.

    Hell, I know someone who worked on the VFX for Fall Guy, and let me tell you that while it has a ton of real stunts, it has even MORE CG shots in it. So did every other one of David Leitch's films ( including John Wick, which had entire CG sequences)

    Also, VFX industry workers don't have real unions the way stuntpeople do, so all the narrative you're propagating does is hurt them even further. It's already a thankless industry in that they're underpaid, and if they do their job well, people think it's practical.

    So please, kindly educate yourself on VFX and just how important it is to the industry.

  9. Are you kidding me? Top Gun and Mad Max had more VFX shots than practical. Enough with this 'practical always better than CG' nonsense. It's just bullshit spewed by studios for marketing. All it does is hurt VFX artists.

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