The Giant Revenge Battleship with a Unique Mind-Blowing Mission -

The Giant Revenge Battleship with a Unique Mind-Blowing Mission

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HMS King George V, the lead ship of the most modern British battleships commissioned during World War 2, was the pride of the Royal Navy. Displacing over 42,000 tons, with a length of 745 feet, and armed with a main battery of ten 14-inch guns, she was a force to be reckoned with.

As the jewel of the crown, HMS King George V was dormant when the Kriegsmarine unleashed its lethal commerce raiding campaign across the North Sea and the Atlantic. The Royal Navy did not want the battleship to be sunk by enemy submarines. However, the sinking of HMS Hood by the fearsome battleship Bismarck was more than enough to awaken King George V from her sleep with one specific mission: vengeance.

Despite being smaller and brandishing a battery of 14-inch guns against Bismarck’s 15-inch guns, HMS King George V was still more than capable of barraging the Germans with lethal firepower, and in May 1941, the British battleship left safe harbor, determined to put an end to Bismarck’s year-and-a-half-long reign of dominance once and for all.

Little did her crew know, Prime Minister Winston Churchill had just issued a radical decree to the British Navy: Bismarck must be sunk, even if it meant sacrificing King George V…


  1. 0:00 All battleships look terrifying when viewed head on, even the old pre-dreadnoughts…

  2. KJ V should have been converted to a museum if that was sustainable. The ship was legendary after the sinking of Bismark.

  3. These folks are a little loose with the history and with the photos …

  4. and of course KGV's sister ship HMS Prince of Wales fit on Bismarck was to all intents and purposes mission kill

  5. Such a short lifespan for a truly remarkable ship.

  6. AWESOME! Just imagine having to go toe to toe with those monsters? What a generation indeed.

  7. I wish Great Britain had kept at least one of their battleships as a museum ship. The KGV would have made a most grand memorial to all navy men. Shalom

  8. Why use the term charges instead of torpedoes?

  9. I really wish the British had the foresight to safe HMS King George 5th or even HMS Warspite.

  10. He makes several movies of only the famous ships.

  11. A swordfish released an “ammunition charge”?Would that be a torpedo?

  12. 21 inch charges? Left the tubes? Come on you guys used to put up quality stuff

  13. all the pictures and half of the things you say are just wrong or partial information

    the bismarck didn't do shit for a year and a half. It was two weeks. Prince of Wales, a sister ship to KGV, had turret issues because it was so new. KGV did not. KGV and the home fleet were sailing around doing convoy escorts and stuff before Bismarck ever did anything. Lutjens was a German admiral. like, can you even get the basics right rather than going for drama all th etime

  14. Still utterly nothing and overmatched by the Iowa Class…

  15. Sad she couldn't have become a museum ship.

  16. Bismarck had 11" guns and there was no 1 1/2 year of terror, this was Bismarcks first operation and the only ship it ever sunk was HMS Hood. Perhaps a little research would help your credibility as a history site!!!

  17. Have to remember that some of the film is because there maybe no footage of what they are talking about so get fortage that will give you an idea .

  18. I don't understand Churchill sometimes. Made some really dumb calls, but his people got him out of it and then he took the credit.
    Why so revered; probably because he wrote so much of the initial post war narrative.

  19. What the fuck are charges? The term you are so desperately casting about for is TORPEDO's not charges……Get a fucking grip and tighen up your writting, editting and production values.

  20. Bismarck didn't open fire without warning on Hood. The British opened fire first & it was only after a-couple of salvos Bismarck opened fire as they were under order's to avoid Warships.

  21. "Bismarck's year and a half long reign of dominance" I didn't even realise Bismarck was afloat that long 😂

  22. Not one of her class was saved as a museum ship. I know such a status was uncommon at the time, but it'd be so amazing to see a one of them at the quayside. At least we Americans have ships like Missouri and New Jersey that we can admire and appreciate.

  23. Churchhill was a petty little man that cared nothing for the loss of life. All he wanted was to claim honor for what others did

  24. Very few images of Bismarck and Prinz Eugen; plenty of footage of German cruisers with 11" guns in triple turrets, even footage of an Austro-Hungarian dreadnought – but almost no images of Bismarck…

  25. I would consider HMS Vanguard to be Britain’s most powerful battleship. She was bigger and faster than both KGV and Nelson class ships, and had bigger guns than the KGV.

  26. HMS Hood fired the first shot, not KMS Bismarck.

  27. What a shame that she was scrapped, She deserved a place at any maritime museum 😞

  28. @11:19 have those two fighting with bayonets while wearing hoods over their heads.. anyone know?

  29. Soooo much info in this is misrepresented and Not accurate.
    This is sad, if I’m honest.

  30. German captain! Battle hardened? Battle hardened? When?

  31. There are huge mistakes in this article It's embarrassing The bismarck was destroyed on it's first mission It had not been around for a year and a half I suggest you do your research properly Also your pronunciation is pathetic

  32. The original design of the USS North Carolina called for 12-14" guns in 3 Quad turrets. It was later changed to 9-16".

  33. The late Prince Phillip was an officer on HMS KGV at the surrender in Tokyo Bay , in 1970s he accompanied the late Queen on a State Visit to Japan where he was asked if State Visit was his first visit to Japan.

  34. This and the war, is all aout the UK NOT wanting Germany to outpace the UK. The millions killed, for misplaced vanity.

  35. The Bismark was on it's maiden Voyage, after a year of trials. HMS Prince of Wales's Ten 14inch guns had a heavier total weight of shot than the Bismark's Eight 15inch guns.

  36. Damn, ole girl got tossed out in the end.

  37. 7:11
    HMS Prince Of Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 hit beastmarck in the bow causing it to trade fuel ⛽️ for 🌊 water
    thus going vortwarts with wetter & wetter bow, & then the Swordfish going through its rudder, spelt doom at both ends for it.
    How fitting for a man 🤖 like Lutjens to command such an iron beast.
    The name Bismarck didn’t bring
    much luck either to the nazis’ allies on the other side of the world
    when Allied planes sank a Japanese convoy in the Bismarck Sea.

  38. HMS Rodney and Nelson had nine 16" guns forward much more power than Bismarck

  39. Wild!, It makes me think of the battlesthe Americans had around the Phillipines. Embarassing as it is I don't know the admiral 's name but his nickname was Chin Lee. Lee was actually from Kentucky and yes he was related to the Virginia Leees. He took out Japan Imperial Battleships with radar accuracy. Great story.

  40. Wrong footage used nearly every time you mention Bismarck. Bismarck's turrrets have 2 guns but you show footage of different battleships having 3 guns in its turrets. 👎

  41. Why almost write out Rodney? She was far more significant in sinking Bismarck. KV5's guns were hardly functioning. Also Bismarck's captain was Lindemann. Lütjens was the squadron commander.

  42. When are engineers gonna learn that calling a ship unsinkable, will inevitably lead to its demise on its first trip/battle lmao😂🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️👍

  43. Why is it that in every documentary or educational video that talks about/mentions HMS Hood, they ALWAYS try to pass off the video footage of HMS Barham exploding (6:15) as HMS Hood.. I mean, it is the BEST, absolute clearest, and best angle of footage of a modern battleship exploding due to a main battery magazine detonation, but it isn’t HMS Hood, and trying to pass it off as such, not only does all the sailors that died when HMS barham exploded a disservice, but is actually an insult because every time someone tries to pass it off, they’re essentially saying that the sailors that died on HMS hood are better sailors, or that they’re more important than the barham sailors due to the fact that they died on the nations capitol flagship .. most people don’t even know the ship name “HMS Barham”, but they sure as shit know HMS Hood.. sorry, rant over, it just bugs the living shit out of me

  44. My Dad was on KGV in the early 50s.
    We have a crew photograph and he’s the only one looking the wrong way!

  45. The effect of Rodney’s 16 inch guns should not be overlooked.

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