The Soviet Nuclear-Powered Lighthouses -

The Soviet Nuclear-Powered Lighthouses

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  1. "No keeps wanted to volunteer for that task" I don't think motivating people to "volunteer" was really a problem in the Soviet Union.

  2. The Aniva lighthouse looks like my dream home.

  3. 3:35 The shipping passage was not open during "just the winter months" it was open during the summer months.

  4. What kind of lamps back in these times had life times, which were sufficient for this application?

  5. Thanks for the video, i have never heard of the nuclear lighthouses before.

  6. Simon could explain why Brits are actually more awesome than US and I'd pay atention. And I'm American.

  7. I usually really like most of the videos Megaprojects covers. This is not one of them. It is very light on facts, and heavy on speculation and click bait. I think I could have found more information from a wiki page.

  8. This could be a good idea if executed with safety in mind.

  9. Shoot, if you got one of those you wouldn't need to buy electricity for a while.

  10. I think this is the first video in quite some time that I've literally never heard of the subject before. Like, I know a lot of planes and infamous weapons but a nuclear-powered lighthouse? Frikkin' Soviets just gonna send it!

  11. suddenly…theres a great rumbling from below….. the lighthouse its …its… splitting down the middle?….both sides of this elongated structure are decending slowly to the dirt… and then….it happens…. a mighty roar and a flash of flames…. and the russian built lighthouse rocket departs from its clamps and ventures forward to its unsuspecting target…. SHIT! …. imagine that?!?!

  12. Holy Cow! I suggested this topic. You actually did it!

  13. Does anyone have a list of lighthouses or number of RTGs built? I can't find a source for the life of me.

  14. Sr-90 decay generates about a Watt per gramme of heat, but thermoelectric conversion efficiency is generally quite low – about 5%. A kg of Sr-90 would yield only 50We or so, yet would contain a huge amount of radioactivity – several thousand TBc. I am thinking many kg of Sr-90 were required to supply all these lighthouses, and the source would have been large nuclear reactors.

  15. Whoever wrote this script must be a guy with kids, because the puns are definitely dad-level in this video. Well done.

  16. oh so basically whenever we send a rover or prode to another planet we are basically polluting it with the probe/rover but also if/when the battery becomes compromised due to exposure to the planets elements/lack of maintenance it will eventually leak radioactive material into the planets atmosphere or lack of one… nice

    This information makes me pray for the universes sake that theres something out there that will destroy us before doing so, if its not something else then ourselves… the quicker the better.

    i dont care what we do to this planet anymore, its a lost cause anyway but we have no right to pollute the rest of the universe with our presence.

  17. Baby boomer kids read about dad's next car, a nuclear 8 sedan!

  18. Off course the soviet built nuclear lighthouses 😆
    “In soviet-russia no shit is given”

  19. Northwest passage is a internal route as your are going through Canadian islands.

  20. lets be honest,.. woudnt world be nicer whithout stealing and terrorism,…there would be no worry abou lighthouse shining fo 60 years continuusly,…

  21. Asking you to please do an episode on the Neutron bomb, or atomic weapons testing using near-criticality.

  22. What could go wrong Soviet Union and radiation

  23. Global warming? Stop sounding like Justin Trudeau the chief twit of Canada .

  24. Don't worry they were likely all stolen at least 20-30 years ago, this is pretty common knowledge. This vid was "news" 20 years ago…

  25. That was my thought, dirrty bomb. THANK GOD These people who do that HATE THE COLD and didnt know about this some 50 years ago

  26. imagen somthing like this on a cargo ship ?????????

  27. Have there ever been a dirty bomb anywhere in the world? No, but it is a useful idea used by those who want to fill the public's mind with fear of it. So who are the terrorists here exactly….

  28. Got to love governments just claiming ownerships over vast swaths of land, ocean, whatever they want.

  29. Soviet nuclear powered light houses: Where you can get a glow in the dark tan from the light its self.

  30. Excuse me, but we only know the location of about 1/10 of these lighthouses?? This Sounds like it should be made into a horror movie set in the Arctic!!!

  31. Who the fuck is going to grab those? Also, if all these light houses are out of order, do they need the lighthouse there anyway? or if they do need them, how the fuck are people getting the boats through those areas without them functioning?

  32. You referenced this video in Deciding the Unknown your tangents do work, Simon! 😇

  33. NASA can only use RTGs in a few missions per decade because they simply don't have as much high quality material that is enriched enough. If nuclear energy research would progress more, we would also have much more deep space missions to our outer planets.

  34. It feels like I'm watching someone speed read a narrative for something that could be interesting and then stops for a commercial break halfway through.

  35. It’s interesting to see the Russians using RTGs back in the mid 20th century, especially since nuclear batteries are going to be a large part of mobile devices in the next 10-15 years; we have come a long way with the technology now all that’s left is refinement and then mass production.

  36. 12:10 RTGs make super bad choice for dirty bombs. What you want to find in Cesium irradiation capsules because its a sand like material. If you blow up an RTG you would only have to pick up a handful of the fuel which is super easy to find with a Geiger counter. Oh and you have to do this in less than an hour or you will be dead from radiation poisoning. That's the real reason we have not seen a dirty bomb. Anything radioactive enough to put in a bomb will also kill anyone in the room assembling it. Radiation suits dont protect you from anything other than contamination so you dont have to scrub off the top layer of skin you still get the full dose of gamma rays.

  37. I'm all for nuclear power. You won't find a bigger supporter of nuclear power than me BUT i want responsible nuclear power. As in RTG's shouldn't just be abandoned for some poor sap to find. And there should be a security system around them from the day they are manufactured to the day they're taken for dismantling. People being careless with nuclear power is why it has such a bad reputation.

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