The Sun isn't a fireball. #shorts #science #SciShow -

The Sun isn’t a fireball. #shorts #science #SciShow

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Hosted by: Hank Green (he/him)

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  1. Please, do science with Mohawk, we want that. Don't hide it.

  2. But thats a fireball. Because a fireball is a small sun that you can launch. Its a fireball

  3. Caused They Might Be Giants to retract a song and release an amended song.

  4. “The sun is a mass of incandescent gas…”

  5. Isn't fire made of plasma?
    So if the sun is made of plasma, isn't the sun also made of fire?

  6. Year 32.5 is going great so far… Learned the fireball in the sky isn't a chariot being pulled by a Greek God, but a giant plasma ball from a chemical reaction. Good to know.. next time I hope I learn that a little sooner

  7. Lots of radiation.. how are you doing man ..

  8. Hank, you need to lose the beanie! We MUST see that amazing head!

  9. Why is the Sun not actually a ball of fire? Because it's just the collective hot air of politicians set ablaze! Turns out, it's the ultimate source of renewable energy and political hot air keeps us warm throughout the solar system.

  10. Hey Hank, good to see ya. You're a great science educator. 😊

  11. Picky, picky, picky. I know, "fire" is oxygen combining with either hydrogen or carbon (typically)… so yeah, more like a hydrogen bomb. It's that infrared radiation that makes them seem the same.

  12. how are stars influenced by North Korean nuclear bombs?

  13. So you're saying I was lied to by a bunch of (possible) giants?

  14. Glad to see you doing well brother, 🙌 you are a true science legend.

  15. I cannot find the slower/faster video setting.

  16. The sun is not a fireball but Hank sure is our sun

  17. Yahuah Bless – Yahuah Is – Yahuah Is King – Yahuah Is All – Yahuah Is – Yahuah Bless – It Was Written

    purposefully being deceptive towards His People is not nice

  18. Of course the sun isn't a giant fireball… We all know that ♪The Sun Is A Deadly Laser…!♪

  19. The Sun is not a giant fireball
    And you are not a scientist.

  20. The sun is condensed matter. Plasma in the photos and chromosphere.

    There are many pieces of evidence to suggest so but the photos from soho capturing a ring on the surface is not an illusion.

    The sun is likely a variant of the lmh model

  21. I always looked at the sun as a the largest nuclear reaction in the solar system

  22. Flat earther: "the military put it there"😂

  23. Oh heavens a ear worm. We didn't start the fire…lol

  24. it's a fusion reactor. only God can invent that.

  25. HANK UR ONE OF MY FAVORITE HOSTS! Stay strong! 😁

  26. 😔.. ur going to beat this. Thank u for the content. The sun is just white.

  27. I would assume this video was made for children 👍. I say this, because I would like to think most Adults know this.

  28. how come the sun didint run out of helium

  29. This is stretching mu brain. Thank youuu! 🌻

  30. someone please get this man some passive income. workin while in chemo??! damn. a legend.

  31. @Hank I have to disagree with something you said, or at least implied. The flames in our normal experience are plasmas. Perhaps not as completely ionized as that of the sun, but the sun's temperature is actually way higher than what would be required to entirely ionize H and He, so what are we really saying here? IMO, the sun IS a giant ball of flame, just not a ball of oxidizing organic chemicals!

  32. Hey just wanted a bit more clarification on the distinctions
    Just from my very basic understanding fire is a plasmid but with that how do we classify different plasmids and or fires (cause the differences in gas and electric based fires or even chemical fires)
    But I appreciate he topic and the new information
    Thank you for you amazing content keep it up 🤞🏽💯

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