The Volantex Atomic is the CHEAPEST BRUSHLESS RC Boat Money can Buy! -

The Volantex Atomic is the CHEAPEST BRUSHLESS RC Boat Money can Buy!

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The Volantex Atomic is just about the cheapest brushless boat on the market, but is it any good? Don’t worry, I got one so I could let you know!

0:00 Intro and Montage
3:02 Overview
4:57 Nerdy Details
7:27 Wreck and Damage


  1. Thank you bro your reviews are almost always stuff I’m into and buy

  2. It’s crazy how it went from being $107 10 months ago it’s impossible to find it for less than 200 now

  3. First! Love the content man. Been killing your channel lately. In a good way obviously! haha

  4. Atomic boats don't play.hope the trailer holds up this time.have great weekend 10th scale

  5. This is the biggest bang for the buck/Volantexrc Vector SR80 Pro !!!

  6. Boston whalers, love them boats terrific fishing boats, nice looking little rc boat right there, i have NO DOUBT the Spartans rudder did that damage!

  7. Sup buddy I have 2 of those one stock and a wild one but for money cant go wrong 4 s is where it is at though

  8. It is a gateway boat though cause I have a vector 70 and a now a zelous 48 lol

  9. Awesome I have ordered this boat as got a good deal. And thought it seemed great for the price. Awesome video as always 👌

  10. Says 2 to 4 s on esc I ran lots on 4s even tried it on 6 s once but was to belstic lol

  11. I peeled all stickers off and the controllers with rtr vertion are ok but receivers packed it in pretty quick

  12. Wltoys: hold my 🍺 wl915? 😁 Ok maybe not on Banggood but it's super cheap elsewhere

  13. 25-30mph? Maybe with 4S. I just got one the other week and ran a few 3S batteries through it last weekend. Probably did 20mph. I also have the Vector SR65 and SR80pro

  14. Great video. 👍 I'm always watching my brother. You 2 are great. I will always be around even if I don't comment 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 I see alot 😁😁😁

  15. Looks like a great candidate for JH RCPD logo🤣🦸‍♀️

  16. Epic boat I have not had a boat for some time

  17. Ok, ok, Ok. So, here's what I think 🤔…You did it again!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  18. I picked up a stock losi min t 2.0 birth less abs got it going 30mph! You need to pick one up!

  19. Holy crow. I think I might have found my first boat 🤔

  20. I wish I had a boat to chase my boats, awsome video guys keep shredding dudes🤘

  21. I have been looking at this. The proboat river jet has been a complete let down.

  22. Thats sweet I have been looking for a new boat 👍

  23. What was the song you used in the montage??

  24. I would’ve much preferred to punch a hole in that plastic cheap hull than tear up an expensive fiberglass hull.

  25. Very nice Speed Boat and a fantastic review, great info and a great video bro 👍☺😎👍

  26. Great job on video, wow they get better & better. Very cool visuals & effects/editing.💯😉👍🏼 Thank you so much for the great content 👍🏼

  27. Hey just a suggestion throw a 10th Scale Garage sticker on the space between the out riggers and do a paint scheme in that blue on the white T-Shirt and you could put the #10 on each side Just an Idea to kick around and as always Great posting you showing the RC's n enjoying the day Love following the channel most educational as well to noobs like myself Thanks — PEACE

  28. Piece of tape would fix that on the spot and some 5 minute epoxy will fix it forever.

  29. I absolutely love thus guy's music edits! Keep it up man 👍

  30. Grease ya shaft and throw it back in 🤣🤣
    Thats what she said 🤣🤣

  31. Went out and got a big rock after watching your vid on it,and killed it in 15 mins haha,busted right rear shock and driveshaft as well as the spur gear,but man it's the fastest rc I have , four traxxas trucks, the blaster boat 2 planes and even the little 67 chevy crawler ,keep up the great vids ,oh and what part of OHIO ARE YA IN,IM IN MASSILLON…TAKE CARE

  32. I was hoping to see it run without the music. A simple camera view from the shore with no music so we could get a better since of its handling and speed. Bummer.

  33. 2nd run in on mine today… Skooked the esc on a 3s 3000mah… Wish I could have tried my 4s…. Seaking 90a esc on theee way….

  34. Hey Dude, you and your RC crew crush the reviews, rc films and rc action, so glad this one popped up on my home page 👍🏾

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