This Brand New Puzzle Game Blew My Mind -

This Brand New Puzzle Game Blew My Mind

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[Streamed Live on July 18th, 2023]

In this VOD, Atrioc played a new puzzle game called Viewfinder.

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0:00 Talking with chat
53:56 Viewfinder

Original VOD:

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  1. fucking hilarious that big a was like "i love this game so much because i've been flying through the puzzles! i really thought i was gonna get stuck on one for like an hour and start yelling at chat, but that hasnt happened!" and then:

  2. ur right about the teleporter conciousness issue. The solution is to have a very brief moment where the original you and the clone you exist simultaneously, and have both of your brains connected through some neuralink type bluetooth connection so you have 2 brains sharing your consciousness. Then when you kill off the original version, it will only kill one of the brains, maintaining the stream of conciousness, allowing the experiencer (you) to persist between the transfer.

  3. It's like Pyrocynical's The Looker all over again

  4. Certified Brandon 'water felon' Ewing classic

  5. The effects of the red scare are still prevalent today though, so the McCarthyism idea for Oppenheimer is a good point

  6. After this I don't get how he doesn't play outer wilds

  7. Teleporter? I barely know her!

  8. this just makes me more excited for his Outer Wilds playthrough


  10. Honestly Talking with chat is better than rest of content

  11. wait hiraya is filipino? she have tagalog dialogs without subtitles

  12. So glad Brandon "fastest man alive" Ewing is back

  13. "the solution to climate change is to plant a single tree" -brandon atrioc ewing with the #brandonbrain

  14. one of the funniest vods of all time would be cool if this was a vid though

  15. And now I'm absolutely confused by the VOD-Youtube timeline

  16. Atrioc playing puzzle games gets me up in the morning

  17. “Unfortunately” that’s your streamer?? Excuse me this is 10/10 entertainment

  18. It utterly shocks me how poor the Glarketers understanding of perspective is.

  19. 56:45 "Don't call me a dumbass" into immediately clicking discard instead of apply changes felt almost poetic

  20. Cool mechanics but holy the story and dialogue are pretentious and annoying

  21. 2:55:26 shoutout to @Rubix3 who got so frustrated he left the stream lol. New vod frog

  22. Railbound really upgraded their graphics with this patch, but I miss the trains

  23. 2 hours in and this is the strongest puzzle performance i've seen out of atrioc great work

  24. I hated this
    Take time to appreciate it or don’t do playthroughs at all

  25. “Is the the last one”, me, then noticing there is two hours left in the video, I certainly hope not, haha!

  26. 3:50:004:05:00 was infiriating, he just had to line up the camera edge to all the edges of the platforms to make them not cut off the damn bridge everytime. lol

  27. Not playing the optional challenges, what a betamax male.

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