This DeWALT Tool Deal is Ludicrous! -

This DeWALT Tool Deal is Ludicrous!

VCG Construction
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This DeWALT Tool Deal is Ludicrous, it’s like they’re paying you to take their tools! If you like Dewalt tool deals, you’re gonna love this one. Here’s the deal……. I haven’t seen a deal this good in a long…… long time, and I’m super excited to share the savings with you! When you hear this DeWALT tool deal you aint gonna believe your ear holes and eye balls!

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  1. thank you BUT already using Milwaukee tools and would rather stick to 1 brand than deal with multiple tool brands and batteries and chargers hopefully have a Mil deal in the future 🤞🏼

  2. Thank You…Like button has been smashed! Maybe Clark can cash in on this deal as well 😂

  3. Whe you gonna review the new ts 2.0 bags and drawers

  4. Vince, you gonna do a deep dive why DeWalt lost so badly to F&M during your Flex recreation tests?

  5. Amazon currently has a 2 20v max xr 5ah battery kit for $155. Bought mine a week ago

  6. That barrel grip jigsaw is the best jigsaw I have ever used. It took me from hating when I needed to use a jigsaw and sometimes using the wrong saw to avoid it, to loving the jigsaw. Highly recommended.

  7. That is a great deal Vince, thanks for passing that along.

  8. Hmm. When I look at this deal, at least at my HD, the starter kit is a power stack.

  9. That's cool but to bad I don't like 20v. I like 20v tools but flex volt all the way

  10. I wonder how often they do this because they've had batteries sitting. Not that they won't work, you just lose some capacity and long term useability. But you may be buying batteries that were made and charged a year or more ago. They may just be willing to eat a bit on profit while also getting good juju

  11. What do you use a compact ban saw for, please?

  12. Those Atomic Impact Wrenches are phenomenal. Super strong for the size. throw a pstack on there and it's almost 12v sized. I copped the 3/8 back at HD on the 5ah Christmas promo, and always wanted the 1/2 to go with it. boom. done. ordered.

  13. Home depot had this deal for last month I'm not sure if they still do… online

  14. hey vince little question, little bid weard but do dewalt tools from the us work with eurapenion batterys because of the voltage differents🤔

  15. Everyone, listen up!
    These are the current deals going on that I have bought this/last week that you shouldn't pass up either. You don't have to do go out and buy all of them but at least choose 1, JUST 1! You're going to hate yourself for thinking too much about spending $ while your buddies on the job site show up with a banging new tool and more $ in their pocket.
    Your wife is going to nag you either way so might as well get you a new tool to drown out the noise lmao.
    Home Depot:
    #1 is why
    I got #1 AND 2 last week, trust me.
    #1) DeWalt 20v 1/4in Atomic Brushless Impact Driver kit is going for $199, !BUT! if you buy the Tool ONLY for $149 between now and 5/2/22 you get a FREE PowerStack starter kit that includes the new PowerStack battery and charger FOR FREE. Yes, $199 for the regular battery kit / The $149 tool only gets you the PowerStack kit for free, don't ask me why, just get it.
    2) SAME AS #1 but this time it's the 20v Atomic Brushless Compact Reciprocating saw, tool only for $159 gets you the PowerStack battery kit for free.
    3) Ridgid OCTANE 18V 3/8in brushless 6mode Impact Wrench 2.0Ah battery and charger…. $99! Yes, $99 for the Brushless Ridgid Octane 3/8in 6mode impact wrench with 2.0Ah battery… If you can only buy 1, get this. If you're buying 2 or more? Add this to your list.
    4) FLEX ( ohhh stop the hissing ) 24V 1/4in Brushless Impact Driver kit with charger and 2 batteries……one 2.5Ah and one 5.0Ah….only $199

    Enjoy guys, and remember; Your wife is going to complain either way so you might as well enjoy your new tools in the garage while she complains rather than cleaning your old ones.

  16. good deal.. a week ago I got the same deal and I got a dewalt sds hammer drill with the new battery

  17. Crying in Europe with no deals at all… 🙂

  18. Lowe's has the 840 impact, Home Depot has the 850 impact, both come with power stacks at about the same price. Not trying to steal money from anyone, but you could walk in and out with the tool today depending on where you live.

  19. Im seriously considering blaspheming against BIG RED and my pops and switching over to Mella Yella cus they have the best deals

  20. Cool deal I have some yellow tools but most of my stuff is red 🥴😞

  21. @VCGconstruction a plain 5ah battery is $159, which I would never buy by itself. If they value those stupid chargers at $60, maybe I can trade 5 or 6 of them in to Dewalt for some tools!
    Side note, those stupid slow chargers are such a waste, they go right into the trash. I wish Dewalt would save the landfills and my wallet and leave them out on most everything and lower the prices.

    Also, Lowes has most of these tools, with a few different ones, free with double pack of power stack batteries for $199. So not exactly a ludacris deal!

  22. I did the lowes deal for bare tool and free 12v starter kit. Got me the rotari hammer

  23. Hi Vin Hope all is well with you and the Mrs.

  24. @VCGconstruction Yo Vince my man where is this deal at? Because on the giant orange box they have the same deal but with the powerstack, I don’t wanna buy it If I can get this with the battery kit your showing us. Or which one do you think is more bang for your buck ?

  25. Ahhh man. It’s no longer Ludacris Christopher Brian Bridges.

    I was disappointed to not see Ludacris perform for this video.

  26. Lowes has the powerstack 2 pack deal right now for 199$, and you get a free bare tool. Which the 20v 1inch SDS rotary hammer is an option. Picked mine up today

  27. Yo Vince! Just sayin yo Vince! God bless! 😁👍✌

  28. Vince can sell someone the Brooklyn Bridge if he tried too….. 😂

  29. I needed a circular saw…I took the deal! Thanks for the free shipping and the deal!!!

  30. one handed sawsall acquired! BOO YA DEALS ALL DAY BABY

  31. What’s up buddy boy can’t smash that like button enough ended up getting a half inch impact call thing is that I was about to go buy one but now I have a bad ass deal thanks to you.

  32. Thanks Vince awesome deal picked up circular saw been wanting one.

  33. bought the impact and when I look at the invoice they substituted a power stack for the 5 amp and no bag be careful

  34. Home Depot has the dewalt dcf850 with 20-Volt Powerstack Battery and a charger for $149

  35. The insane deal that I would like to see is on the DCB119. Who doesn’t want to charge a battery or two on the road. I have been waiting and watching but this doesn’t seem to go on sale. It’s also more expensive than the ac charger, but it should be the same charger without the ac to dc, just the dc. Why is it more expensive.

  36. Hello again Vince and Vcg
    Thank you for another Great Video!!!!!

  37. Or get a two pack of the new power stack batteries and get one of those tools for free.

    At lowes

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