This G-Shock Is A GAMECHANGER! Here's Why! #GMD-S5600 -

This G-Shock Is A GAMECHANGER! Here’s Why! #GMD-S5600

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For all those who have kept far away from G-Shocks because they are too big? Well now there’s no excuse with Casio’s new release! The GMD-S5600 Is a like for like copy of the original G-Shock square but with smaller dimensions!
This is why The GMD-S5600 IS a GShock Gamechanger! G-SHOCK for all!!


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  1. The blue looks lavender in some light – not a criticism,,,, from a man with pink(ish) tshirts in his wardrobe

  2. Casio also has a few CasiOak (GA2100) derived models that are smaller, the GMAS2100 series with a resin shroud, and the GM-S2100 series with a metal shroud. They are full-spec G-Shocks with 200m WR, world timers etc. but smaller. About the perfect size for my 6.5"/167mm wrist.

  3. As a big wrister I wish they’d make a more diminutive watch but with a longer band. You know, so it fits around your wrist AND under your sleeve.

  4. Not really a gamechanger with those colorways.. but that size is perfect for the smaller wristed

  5. Are you including the Casioak GMA-S2100-1AER. That's a comfortable size and a smashing watch

  6. The Mrs seems to be liking more of the Casio lately…maybe he's finally worn her down lol.

  7. I've always been pissed off buying "women's" watches.

  8. I'm wearing a BGD-565SLC-9ER limited edition honeycomb version of this watch and it's fantastic

  9. I don't like the fact that you can pull the outer case off!? It's a G-Shock! Meant to be bulletproof?! Seeing you do that to the new Square with the Heart Rate monitor really put me off that model, I want my G-Shock to be unbreakable.

  10. Thank you Mr Mad for another entertaining video.
    These look really cool, although a little small for my Hungarian salami proportioned wrist. Even the standard size is only just adequate 🤔 Hence my penchant for the G's of larger carriage 🤪👍

  11. Now if only they'd offer a micro-G-Shock King

  12. I'm rocking a GMA-S2100BS-7A and I love it. I feel sad about all guys feeling insecure about not buying or wearing something, that a company labeled for women.

  13. Isn't the GMS5600-1 smaller (38.5mm) in every dimension and has been out longer? I love it's high polish, considering picking one up.

  14. Wow, the Wife likes it
    The Life cereal of watches

  15. Marketed to women or not, as long as it's what I want. I'd take a GMAS-2100 if they'd do it in black with positive display and hands/indices that actually have good legibility. Just…not rose gold.

  16. You thin wristed fellas make me feel good. I used to think I had a wimpy wrist at 7.25”. But I don’t complain any longer. That’s what I get for growing up with athletes and military guys. Freaking muscle heads! 😂

  17. I think the face and display look very clean and uncluttered. Your better half has commented that many other digital watches look like they are for children. I think that is because of all the lettering etc. Perhaps this one looks more "adult" because of how clean its design is?

  18. Don't like how easily then shroud pops off… kind of cheap.
    Like how is't more minimalist.

  19. Got my wife the S5600-8 rose gold one and she loves it and wears often. Wasnt a watch wearer until then

  20. Not for me. Nice for the girls though. Maybe a sporty girl.

  21. Where's the line between a "too big watch" and a "accurate size watch"?
    I don't know if my wrist is thin or not, but unless you're a silver back gorilla most GShocks will look big on the wrist, I think GShocks are meant to be big beyond esthetics. Any way, my girlfriend says she likes this small G, I guess it's the perfect excuse to get her one and a GX for me …. 😎

  22. Wait, more money, smaller screen, build is questionably less, yet smaller. Nope. While I liked my 5600, I love my AE1200 and since I am not playing war games, it is great! Thanks for the review!

  23. taking the shroud off is very useful when you need to easily access the stopwatch or timer buttons. With the shroud on, you have to hook a finger's nail on to the button, which can often be a hit or miss operation.

  24. Another great video Russ, thank you! I've always been somewhat of a purist when it comes to GShock, but that blue is very nice indeed! It would take some fiddling, but if you bought the black and white models you could swap the resin shrowd over and get yourself a stealthy, all-black colourway with the negative display. I don't see this displacing my 5610 for me personally, however; too much love and hard knocks in that watch for me to give it up =)

  25. Not a fan of squares. Had a few but just didn't gel with them. There's quite a few other options for smaller gshocks, solar atomic GW2310 or AWG m100 would be my choice.

  26. Cool watch. I love the smaller Casio’s. I’m currently rocking the mini Casioak by the pool, so I defo with pick one of these up. Pity they can come to grips with the MIP displays, I would love to see them used on more models.

  27. Unrelated to this video but something I don't think you've ever mentioned is that G-Shock are US military approved watches with a NATO Stock Number. The four G-Shock models in question are the DW-5600E-1V, DW-6600-1V, DW-6900-1V, and DW-9052-1V. The DW-6600 was issued to Navy SEALs.

  28. I was just thinking when you brought small, well was G shock made for the Western audience?

  29. Love your accent haha. What sort of manly man and womanly woman LMAO

  30. Oh my … don't you just LOVE G-Shock?!?
    Love Casio but their G-Shock line is simply phenomenal.
    Thanks for sharing.

  31. Awesome video as usual Too plain, not for me….They could of done better


  33. Oddly Andy McNabbs character Nick Stone in his fiction books always wears a Baby G. Think it’s a bit of a running joke. But hey you can’t get more manly than McNabb. I used to read a lots of AM and that’s what originally got G Shock watches on my radar.

  34. Ma786sai Dua for me the game-changer Watch is always and ONLY the one that you LOVE, and SPEAKS to you. I have a gold Rolex Daytona Cosmograph diamond dot dial a 2006 D series Ref 116528, and many other Rolex, Omega, Zenith, Seiko,Breitling, Casio. Some of my pieces cost as little as 20 us dollars. But the key point is each one MEANT something to ME at that POINT in time. And brought me a happy feeling. And THAT is always PRICELESS my friend.

  35. This. G shock. Is. A. Game changer! Here s. Why!

  36. Hey MWC, are the new G-Shocks tough as the ones of the 90s?
    I switched to G-Shocks seeing the ads of "Tests of Toughness" being performed on the G-9000 Mudman. But now when I see all these new watches coming out, I question myself if they will last those tests?

  37. I got the same blue one on my very small wrist and the size is perfect.

  38. i want to ask that i want buy a fossil bronson field,it is full stainless steel ,100 m water resistant and very good looking .it costs 60$ should i buy it? btw i am from india

  39. Oh!! And "The Wife" loves it on top of that!! It's a keeper!
    Thanks for the show Russ, another great one 😎👍🏼

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