This INSANE Battery Will Change Our Planet FOREVER! -

This INSANE Battery Will Change Our Planet FOREVER!

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A nuclear diamond battery could change the way we power our planet! This revolutionary new technology is still in development, but it has the potential to create a sustainable energy future. Watch this video to learn more about the nuclear diamond battery and how it could help us save the environment!
Batteries are used everywhere in our society from laptops to phones, watches drones and with an EV revolution ahead of us, the battery market is set to grow exponentially.

The problem we have always faced with batteries is that they have a limited life span and in most cases can’t hold a charge for more than 24 hours. Even the most advanced lithium-ion batteries suffer from these problems.

To charge your EV it will take over 1 hour and then you can only drive a certain number of miles before range anxiety kicks in and you need to recharge.

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  1. This video is promoting ignorant rubbish. The power density of 100 micro Watts per cubic centimeter means you’ll need 1000s of times bigger battery to power a phone, laptop or EV with nuclear diamond batteries.

  2. I think the close to $20K price increase to go from the standard 230 mile battery in the F-150 lightning to the 320 mile battery is crazy. Hope either the pricing on that goes down or the battery gets better

  3. I would use this battery especially in things like cars. The other thing is think about houses. Having a battery bank of these to run your house. You could all but eliminate the electric company and the millions of miles of cables running around a country. I am totaly on board once the price comes down to a resonable price.

  4. i would love never to have to charge a battery again,
    i would also be one of the first to try this technology on my home

    paying power bills is one of my biggest grievances

    but unfortunately that's why this wont happen,

    to many greedy people wont allow clean free energy to filter down to the masses

    i think we are stuck being ripped off blind by something that should be free now ( electricity ) as should water, but for greed or as you my call it

  5. What happens when the battery is breached? All he talks about is the positives.

  6. If environmentalist throw a fit and get countries to shut down and quit building nuclear power plants which are one of if not the most efficient way we have of creating energy, what makes anyone thinks that they're going to be okay or allow us to walk around with nuclear batteries!?! Seems to me like a whole bunch of hope and wishing and hot air. Like they're going to let everybody walk around with nukes in their pockets please

  7. Not enough info to say.. omg- are these radioactive, how are the disposed of or recycled… items not addressed here leave no room to provide an answer to “would I use one”. That said , it is interesting but probably vapor ware and the potential to save the planet will be too late.

  8. It's funny, if the price of my phone or computer DOUBLED but I never had to recharge it, I would say that's worth it. It's hard to estimate how much more I would pay if I really never had to recharge it! The lab cost was only $100k? That's already worth it for MANY applications!

  9. Henry Ford was an avid eugenicists and nazi supporter. The black woman in the ad wants to have sex with the withe sales rep!
    Urinated Snakes of America is not a true capitalist federation but a fascistic violent feudal hell hole!

  10. The future is Maxwell Chikumbutso technology. Micro wave radio frequency energy. The end of energy for mankind.

  11. It will all depend on how much the price can be brought down. The technology has to become affordable in order to have wide spread acceptance. Prices tend to drop dramatically once large scale manufacturing is employed. The diamonds would have to be manufactured as there would never be enough natural diamonds. That technology exists. The spent nuclear fuel is available in large quantities. The C14 would need to be manufactured in a cost effective manner. It will take time, but it is possible.

  12. so that means everyone will be holding a micro nuclear bomb walking around 24/7? what if terrorist reverse engineer it to use it as nuclear grenade? or create a phaser firing at maximum yield since it has almost unlimited charges?

  13. just wait till thunderfoot sees this

  14. Never ever in my wildest dream earth will forever be changed out of battery innovation. Because our GOD Almigthy will not allow any human could ever changed the face of the earth. It can be transformed but not ever be changed. Remember there will never ever mighty country or goverment will exist, in the entire globe,

  15. No telling what the prices of Teslas would go up to if they had one of these batteries.

  16. 5:15 "millions of people", where did the billions of other humans disappear to ?
    Japan, Europe, Usa, Canada, Australia together are over a billion

  17. Not going to happen. To much profit in batteries that have to be replaced regularly.

  18. Until these kinds of products find their way into consumers products it might as well be the stuff of science fiction.

  19. What is the side effect ? We use to use radio active watches 😂

  20. I've heard of ships using nuclear power to stay at sea for years without ever having to dock fir refueling so why can't we do the same in small scale for vehicles, trains etc?

  21. Idaho national laboratory, shouldn’t they be using potatoes?

  22. once nuclear stops being a bad word, society will change for the better, things like evs will become cleaner and energy production in general will be cleaner. then we'll be much closer to a carbon neutral society

  23. Oh good oh fuck here we go entering the Fallout time line

  24. Back in the 70s i started my engineering path as a 14 year old. I thought I would end up as a mechanical engineer because my dad was a mechanic and so was I. Ended up in Telecoms as an engineer. However I designed a car at 14 that ran on a "Nuclear Pellet" to drive an electric motor. Of course I didn't have the answers to many for the questions especially about radiation and such but I have always wondered and argues that Nuclear is the answer to a lot of our power needs and will continue to do so. We have to stop letting fear mongers and leftist stop us from doing the right thing.

  25. Nuclear power has been demonized, and I don’t want to minimize some of its dangers, but we have not only the technology to make it even safer, but using “waste” in batteries is brilliant in so many ways. It will make EV and power wall batteries more practical, and potentially can help reduce the amount of waste that just sits around.

  26. You could probably buy a new laptop for less than the price of the battery.

  27. The critical question is how much does it weight per kwh and how much do they cost per kwh.

  28. No it will not , what is the ratio of `game changing` tech posts to actual game changing ? 1000 to 0

  29. Not in our life time another bull shit story

  30. I didn't hear anything about protection from radiation… is there not any to worry about, or was that simply an oversight on the video??

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