This is NOT a Normal Tool Battery: DeWalt Powerstack Dyno Tested -

This is NOT a Normal Tool Battery: DeWalt Powerstack Dyno Tested

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Now available here: Check out our T-shirt Shop: and Amazon store (that only includes winners): ‘s video: Today we test the DeWalt Powerstack DCBP034 (soon available as DCBP034-2 & DCBP034C) against the 4ah compact battery and 5ah XR standard battery pack in cold, hot, room temp and runtime tests!

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Torque of TTC is working for Astro Tools who also make impact wrenches (air). TTC is not the only testing out there, always consider multiple sources when looking at a tool!


  1. THANK YOU! I always, ALWAYS wait until I have seen you guys drop a vid before I purchase ANYTHING!!

    Now that we have that out of thd way, THANK YOU for telling us it is a 1.7aH!!! I haven't found that info ANYWHERE!

  2. Great video! Will be interesting to see where they take this tech. I suspect it is cheaper to make as the customer benefits seem limited.

  3. man that power stack looked good to me I cant wait to see the next versions maybe flexvolt batteries. What a game changer the size and weight, or lack there of, will be. I know flex is working on the stacks as well. I hope everyone throws their hat into the ring on this one. TTR you guys rock it till its wet ring it out and put it on the dyno!!!! Keeping it 100 baby. love it.🤘😁👊

  4. Instead of watching "It's a Wonderful Life" this yule season, we are watching the Torque Test Channel.

    Jimmy Stewart would be proud of your work. ☺

  5. Something about using the moniker “freedom” for Fahrenheit really broke kayfabe for me.

  6. It is the same battery chemistry, but they made it flat with custom dimensions instead of round with standardized dimensions. Why would we expect anything else? (Safety reasons prevent them from choosing a more volatile/ higher output battery chemistry.)

  7. My simple fact is that I will never buy DeWalt tools ever again. The bad experience from the past, I can’t forget.
    For now, Makita and Milwaukee is all I own.

  8. Может многое, но недолго

  9. I certainly do wish they had another option also its kinda a wash for me the 5.0 does a very nice job I'm still happy!! Thanks for all the hard work!!

  10. With a new battery type, at least Dewalt made these
    batteries compatible with all the 20v stuff instead of creating a different ecosystem. I wonder though, when will those flat packs start to swell up and cause problems.

  11. I honestly expected more capacity. It seems large compared to a 4ah while only with 1.7 ah.
    I will wait to see what Milwaukee comes out with in a year. Milwaukee is famous for their batteries and I find it suspicious they havent done anything with stack technology least that I have heard of.

  12. Smashed that thumbs up for the excellent alliteration in this video.

  13. If they do what a standard 5ah can do, I’m in like flint.

  14. For high torque applications 6S x LiFePO4 would make more sense – similar voltage, much higher discharge rate, possible high charge up to ~80% (e.g. 15-18mins for 80%). It will have lower capacity but lasts way longer, degrades much slower… and no cobalt needed. They will be partly supported by existing charges but not fully…

  15. powerstack has a ridiculously low capacity

  16. Battery resistance (internal losses) goes up cold temperatures – the electrolite in the cells starts to freez basically – so the performance drop is expected. In the warm however the resistance only drop a little since the resistance is dominated by the conductor resistance in this case. However the battery will degrade much faster when it is hot. Much like your cell phone battery will die in a year if is is always running hot.

  17. Interesting story. Basically I was 10-11 years old, my dad has never taken good care of batteries until I was old enough to understand that ya kinda need to bring the damn things in during the winter. Anyway it’s spring and we needed get something I dropped underneath it so I get my dads black and decker drill and batteries we have had for like 2 yrs at that point (both left out in the cold) and we get 2 mins of run time. We barely took a board off and went through 1 battery. It may have been also due to the fact it was a black&decker but still It was surprising the damage that was done to those batteries over two years of being in the cold for like 3-5 months. After this he still did proceed to do this until I was 16 when I got more into the stuff and told him.

  18. doesn't seem very impressive. only a slight improvement.

  19. From my experience with LiPo and ion batteries in RC cars, planes and boats if you repeatedly heat cycle that power stack battery often you're gonna puff the cells in it. I see issues with lithium fires in the future, I've seen packs stored and charged wrong burn down garages

  20. This episode contained a ton of atrocious, abominable, and annoying alliteration

  21. Are these Li-Polymer batteries or just flat Li-ion?

  22. I won't be running out to buy any. Nice to know my future batteries will be lighter though. Except for the router… gimme the heaviest battery you have.

  23. Why are we waiting to see from “Flex” concerning a larger power stack pack. Shouldn’t we be waiting to see from Dewalt/Stanley Black and Decker?

  24. I am not currently heavily invested into any battery ecosystem yet, I only have a DCD771C2 combo with the Dewalt drill and it came with the charger and 2 of the tiny I think 1.5 ah packs, so I might be better off sticking with Dewalt but I'm having such a hard time figuring out which impact to go with for occasional car repairs.

    I don't normally tackle suspension work myself but it would be nice to have something for lug nuts when rotating tires. Is there a current king in the Dewalt 20v lineup since I already have a charger or should I just start somewhere else?

    I watched alot of your videos and it just makes the decision harder 😂

    Is the DCF911B enough for lug nuts??

  25. I can only speak from personal experience with Milwaukee. There’s a night/day difference in battery life from summer/winter work.

  26. The size is awesome, capacity is fine for me. Waiting for a 1ah battery for Makita 40vMax, pretty sure the performance of the impact wrenches will be near identical to the bigger batteries when fresh off the charger. They could do for example an 1.05 ah using 10pcs 14650 Panasonic cells, but instead they chose to introduce a superheavy 8ah battery – thats 18v-16ah equivalent – to compliment the already big ones to hey had. I mean, the 5ah is the 18v 10ah equivalent and lasts even longer for real world work. Dewalt has the right ideas here, small batteries for small tools.

  27. Great content, keep it up. This is what I like to see.

  28. Please test Hilti tools. They are not nearly as powerful as other brands, but there is basically no reviews/tests of the Hilti tools. I think it would be great to be able to compare them to others and to their own claimed specs.

  29. Polymer prismatic cells are usually less expensive to manufacture than rigid cylindrical. I don't understand why this pack is so expensive. It should be dirt cheap.

  30. You should try Jet air tools. Never tried them and haven't heard much about them.

  31. Have u done a video on brushed impacts with different sized batteries and maybe put them against brushless too

  32. Think heat would become a problem in 4Ah/2p configuration

  33. Thank you for your (as always) great analysis and testing.

    I'm really sick of 90% of the tool based youtube channels reading off DeWalts marketing talking points and creaming their pants over this battery without doing any real testing or showing any skepticism.

    Its an interesting technology… but really expensive for the capacity. I think its overhyped.

  34. I remember when I first started watching your channel. I saw you holding up some kind of cordless impact up and it made the pneumatic impact sound and I rewinded it like 10 time trying to understand how the hell that cordless impact made that sound🤣🤣🤣

  35. @Torque Test Channel
    – Is there a hidden reason why you show a left-handed thread bolts at your end screen? (also it looks like two side thread)
    That's popular designer's mistake, but i'd suppose that such advanced tech channel as yours would not do it just for no reason.

  36. Lithium batteries generally have better performance (charge and discharge) when they are hotter. That’s why in electric vehicles they generally will heat up the batteries to well above a typical room temperature when you are planning to fast charge the battery. But, if they get too hot, the run the risk of melting some of the important isolating bits inside, shorting internally and turning into a fireball.

  37. let s see what it s got inside. would you like to open it? i am curious about the producer and the technology

  38. I can't wait until this technology goes into flexvolts. Flexvolt batteries are so big and heavy.

  39. i wanna see a 15ah sized powerstack battery.

  40. Great test on the power stack. Thanks for sharing. I think this may end up being the future of packs instead of the 21700's? Will have to do better with run time though…

  41. I just witnessed a gas powered impact driver on Reddit. Where you @?

  42. I got a gift card to Lowes for Christmas for the $100, looks like they don't have the dcf 921, but they have a dcf894m1, is that a good choice?

  43. Keeping up with the other packs with less than half the total capacity does indicate the pouch cells are putting out a lot more current on a per-Amp-hour basis than the cylindrical cells. This is not too surprising considering the entire RC hobby industry runs on pouch cells like this in large part because of their high discharge capabilities, so it would be interesting to see DeWalt expand this line with higher capacity (2P) pouch cell configurations.

  44. My curiosity is peaked if this power stack tech allows for more charging cycles then the traditional lithium tech. I think I've heard it's supposed to have more charging cycles. If that's true by a significant margin, then this is looking to be some great tech imo for guys like me that use an impact driver every day all day to build outdoor wood structures with lags and screws. I am a Dewalt platform guy and currently use 4ah batteries as it's a good balance of power, run time, and all day weildability compared to the lighter 2ah batteries which get sapped pretty quick if you have higher torque applications like lag driving.

  45. So…there's no point buying this expensive crap. Get a 2Ah instead lol. They're trying to remove 18650s, so you can't just replace the cells.

  46. So me leaving my power tool batteries outside in a Winnipeg winter will probably turn a high torque into an air ratchet.

  47. not sure they can scale this up due to the heating issues they are going to face with a sandwich battery. dont think I am going to buy one though. I just dont have a use case for it. pretty much all the batteries I have been using lately are the waitley 6 amp.

  48. I assume they will come out with bigger ones soon even when they first dropped the 60v system they only released the 6ah for a while

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