This is Why Your Dewalt 20V Batteries Will Not Charge -

This is Why Your Dewalt 20V Batteries Will Not Charge

Jack Spirko
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The answer though is simple, there is nothing wrong with the batteries or the charger you are simply using it wrong.


  1. Thank you for this video it really help figure out the issue.

  2. On another channel it was mentioned that even the DeWalt service center didn’t know this . Many thanks

  3. Same with the Milwaukee batteries and chargers.

  4. Lol.1000+ comment so 1000+ people did not know how to plug in a battery 1000+ people did not hear a click 1000+ people who bought power tools and used them for only one charge 1000+ people who called me to fix this and install that man it was a good year

  5. Fu**! That’s so obvious and annoying at the same time. Thank you so much, you saved me A LOT of time!!

  6. GOT IT. Thank you sir, I really appreciate it. I had like 3 I thought were broken

  7. Thank you. I feel like such a tool bag… 🤦

  8. I feel like an idiot lol!! I was about to take this thing back to the store, nope it's charging now!

  9. I have these tools and I only left it charging with out the clicking it on it still changed thanks I know now happy days

  10. OMG! I am so glad I looked at this after seeing one dude trying to jumpstart another one on YT. I NEVER realized about that click. Started charging right away!

  11. Thanks a lot I thought my charger is faulty, but u are right it should click.

  12. The fact I had to look this up means Dewalt doesn’t care.

  13. These videos of not pushing it the whole way in are crazy, if someone is that dumb they shouldn’t be using power tools

  14. I have the same issue, this helps. Thank you.

  15. Estaba a punto de devolver el cargador dewalt porque pense que estaba roto y menos mal que vi tu video porque a sido eso lo que me a pasado! No le empujaba bien y no conectaba! Lo acabo de hacer como as indicado en el video y va estupendo ahora! Muchas gracias!

  16. awesome thanks, I have a question is a solid red light mean its charging or does a green light come on when its fully charged

  17. This is not always the case, I have two dewalt fast chargers that the light stays on. dcb115 they have been used 5 to 6 days a week since purchased in 2019. I have 3 chargers that were Purchased in 2012 that still work . I was thinking wouldn't people be able to see that they don't have it in all the way? after reading the comments I guess not.

  18. OMG! Thank you so much. Thought I had a faulty present! My previous Dewalt charger does not need the click, so I would never have thought of this! 👍👍👍

  19. Simple and effect. Thank you 🇮🇪

  20. Fanks Mate,,,really obvious but undetected by this genius….

  21. It took me a moment to realize this was a joke lol

  22. Oh son of a bi… And here I thought something was wrong with ether the charger or the battery. Just ordered a couple of off brand batteries and a new charger as well. Well, it's not like I'm not going to need them anyway. XD

  23. Thank you for this video. Was getting really frustrated and about to return this set.

  24. No! No this is NOT why my dewalt battery will not charge. Damn we, well I’m not that stupid. If you’re that stupid you probably shouldn’t be using a drill.

  25. Thank you so much. It is a shame that instructions are not included with the charger.

  26. For those that the battery is seated properly and still no charge. DEWALT is replacing my batteries at their cost.

  27. My 10 AH still won't charge no matter what I do 😂 Complete bullshit.

  28. Same issue here… Factory Defect. it can be dealt with by force.

  29. Just had the exact same thing happen and this worked like magic when I tried what you suggested !!! Thanks Again Sir !!

  30. Same thing happened to me, by seeing your video I realized my mistake. Now it's charging perfectly. Thanks a lot for the Video

  31. Just bought my new dewalut 1st time drill owner, how do I charge the battery for the 1st time. Will that red flashing light turn green

  32. Fresh comment in April 2023 confirming this is still true and relevant!

  33. О чем он говорит у меня такая же ситуация просто горит индикатор а не заряжает

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