This New Nuclear Diamond Battery Breakthrough SHOCKS American Scientists -

This New Nuclear Diamond Battery Breakthrough SHOCKS American Scientists

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  1. It's decades away before we see a usable one.

  2. I got a zirconium potato battery which actually PRODUCES energy instead of just storing it. It is magic-powered.

  3. Don't put these in Robots!

    SkyNET will use them for the T800's!

    They will never stop, cannot be reasoned with!

  4. Okay, very cool. Very promising. But won’t there be a point when many fewer will be needed? If they last that long wouldn’t they just be reused in new devices?

  5. Why did you use images stolen from other videos on nuclear fusion reactors. Fusion reactors DO NOT PRODUCE RADIATION.

  6. Not “sellement” … not a word, did you mean “salient” per chance.

  7. Bs script written by an illiterate 12 year old.

  8. Really? I'm A Skeptic You Know, If It Sounds Too Good To Be True . . .

  9. New hydrogen vehicles are coming and will wipe out electric vehicles. Battery cars IS NOT THE FUTURE!

  10. Hey I put up our 2018 phev for trials when they become available he’ll ya never having to charge or can leave it charges itself oh baby

  11. Shocks: Nobody with a few brain wrinkles

    Why do I get the feeling that this entire channel shows nothing but bullshit videos for clicks…

  12. A battery is a storage device, not a generating device, The battery is said to last a long time, not the charge.

  13. They are making mini suns but the problem will arise in the substrate they will place them in and they will start out good and well but in time the materials that they are laid in will fail ,and after time that will be a catastrophe. When will they ever learn and come to Faith in Christ ?

  14. I just want a general purpose heat source gphs, lovely little item, unaffordable of course, but that would keep my boiler running and steam turning my turbine.

  15. It would be cool to have a hybrid battery that if you left it unconnected charges itself using a small amount of nuclear material to charge the convention side.

  16. So the moral of the story is, if the battery not working, you still have a cursed blue diamond.

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  18. What has a fusion reactor to do with this?

  19. "SHOCKS " your mamma. Stop using stupid video titles.

  20. Your biggest mistake with this video is exporting with interlacing. Always export without interlacing.

  21. Nevermind that consumers want the newest lates thing every two years on average. Imagine a cell phone at the dump, or a car at the junkyard that never has to be recharged…………

  22. It is also technology that will never hit the market

  23. Unlimited energy are really possible or not please any one tell me

  24. It ain't gonna happen. Same old bullsh!t. Wait 5 or ten more years. Remember what was done to Tesla when J P Morgan couldn't put a meter on his invention. The project was defunded and The tower came tumbling down.

  25. I just need 24volt to run my inverter that last thousand of years

  26. I smell something, ah yes, another lying 2019 California start-up company claiming massive advancement in tech with ZERO data or any prototypes to support it.

    100 microwatts is their only claim, an utterly minuscule amount of power.

    Their power harvesting into electrons is barely detectable, the package size to power a small light lets say would need to be the size of a house at least.

    Yet here we are again a few years down the line, and nothing to back their outlandish claims.

    It's yes another HUGE lie.

  27. Would there be any danger if battery went on fire anybody know?

  28. These are known as betavoltaic batteries. They have a very very low power density, so you can’t use them for electric cars or phones. Only for very low power devices. They may find a very niche market for super low power devices that need to run uninterrupted for decades, but certainly aren’t going to be in use for the average person in any way, ever.

  29. You keep hearing about this new battery technology and that battery technology, how many years has this been going on now.

  30. 4:40 To smell the recycle nuclear battery ? ☠💩💩💩🤡🤬🤖


  32. It would be cool if this video had any substance to it, but he lazily regurgitated the marketing, literally nothing of value in this video.

  33. Not a good idea … Now instead of Nuclear war, we will just blow each other up in a small space. How do you dispose of it? This idea needs to go back to the comic book section.

  34. Imagine a nuclear diamond battery that can last 1000s of years 😊…then, realize such battery needs to be 1000s of times bigger than a Li-Ion battery for the same power 😮

  35. So what Sigmond Frued said has become a reality, if people have nothing to worry about fuel then people will have lot of extra time during the day for pleasure or pain.

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