This Ultra Modern PREFAB HOME is Officially In North America -

This Ultra Modern PREFAB HOME is Officially In North America

Kerry Tarnow
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2022 has been a very exciting year for the prefab home industry with new companies, designs and ideas flooding the space. A new to us company out of Europe is entering the North American market by way of a licensee called Big Sun Modular. The company is called Coodo and I think their lineup of futuristic modular homes have a unique and cool look. In this video I talk a bit about the company LTG lofts to go, their creation Coodo and one of the models available in North America. Watch and learn more about what I think is one of the coolest prefab homes available and some of the different uses they propose for their product. The prefab home industry is extremely fun to watch right now and I think it’s only getting started!

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  1. Thanks Kerry! One thought I've heard echoed as we educate ourselves on modular/mobile options is that products in this space are non-standard and therefore difficult to repair, retrofit, or hmmm… "…get the strange smell out of years later….??" * shrugs * As a fan who is becoming more and more enamored with this category, is there any merit to these suggestions? Your thoughts and experiences are appreciated as always! Keep up the great work, and entertaining videos! Thanks again sir.

  2. Love the shape and look for sure. Can’t wait to hear more about pricing.

  3. North America as in Canada. I live in Florida

  4. Dam Kerry – going through GOT wait till next episode anxiety now on the price point. These look amazing! A clever ploy by yourself me thinks 🤔😉

  5. Wow amazing look! And even a bedroom. Fingers crossed on the price 😄

  6. Thanks Kerry..great job your doing VERY IMPORTANT RESEARCH FOR US ALL

  7. This may be a "stupid" comment/ question…. but why are you not starting your own prefab tiny home company!? With all the videos you made, im pretty sure you have a lot of good ideas… with all the videos i watched, i have a lot of good ideas 😉

  8. I've been waiting for over 2 years for Coodo to be available in the United States. I'm interested in the moon model with an upper terrace option. This would make a perfect extension for my patio.

  9. I sent koda a message way before big sun was in the picture no response it does say in description "The price per square meter for all coodos starts at about 2300 €, exact prices on request"

  10. Very cool home Kerry ~ guess we'll see how much soon.

  11. The idea is nice, but I feel there is some problems with it like some have said. Washer and dryer being one of them. How would it handle with storms for example or snow if living up north? Are the sliding doors the only thing going in and out as I feel that is a security risk as people could see what you have (and doing) and steal from you once you leave. I could be over thinking it there. I mean some like the whole windows thing, but I would only enjoy that if I live in the woods or something.

  12. Flat roofs aren’t just a preference, it’s a need. A few neighbors in my area in Colorado used flat roof modular/tiny homes, and when we had a heavy snow their roofs either bowed, cracked or collapsed.

  13. The Original series Star Trek, Atomic era lounge aesthetic is right up my alley.

  14. How secure are the windows against burglary?

  15. Love the look, but I wonder if anyone else thinks that the bathroom needs to be next to the bedroom?

  16. I really love this home, the amount of windows and the option to add on to the home. Be blessed and be safe

  17. The renderings are appealing but as with so many renderings somethings are just left out. I don't see any closets in the bedroom – you're probably going to want one. And they're always shown sitting on a big open lot with nothing but wide open spaces around them. Hardly the reality of the urban or suburban places which most Americans live. This reminds me of the way RV dealers depict trailer life. Just you parked all alone along side and idyllic lake. When the reality is you can only park in an RV park, cheek by jowl, with 50 other RV's looking to party all night long.

  18. They look like Nestor’s homes, but with the benefit of having a domestic manufacturing facility. The Nestor stuff has to be shipped from Singapore I believe.

  19. Glad to see you do a video on them, too. When I saw them on Bigsun after your last video I was pretty impressed. Look forward to hearing about prices and whether or not they could stand up to hurricanes or mid-latitude cyclones (and what category)

  20. I love the look of these homes. My first concern is while all of those windows are going to let in lots of natural light, are they also going to let in the heat? I live in central Arizona. It was 108 degrees here today. Can this home keep me cool?

  21. Definitely need more information on this- pricing- and especially the expansion options! Great video thanks Kerry

  22. Very nice, indeed. Appears to be comfortably livable. I like the separate bedroom. I could easily see myself living in a unit like this. Thanks! You hit a home run, scored a goal, made the shot or some athletic phrase of which I’m not familiar. Great job,

  23. Thank you. I think it is cool too! Love the layout!

  24. As most prefab homes need some sort of foundation put down before the home is brought out, I am curious as to how they will add and subtract modules.

  25. Coodo, was the first home of this type I saw advertised probably 2017 or there abouts. You can stack them, float them ( they fit onto a pontoon if you have a lake to hand) and come with other units in the same design ascetic. So easy to co-ordinate if you have the land /space /cash to spare. Keep up the good work Kerry, your content on this channel just keeps getting better. So much choice now. Exciting times for the small home market.

  26. What I dislike about many prefab models I've seen is there are usually windows (natural light/ventilation/views) on only one side of the structure. It makes it feel boxed in and cut off from the opposite side of your property.

  27. “A return to the familiar is possible, but after the reset in 2020/21 one is more open for a real new beginning.”

    I don’t enjoy the WEF “great reset” language. I really do hope products like these become the “silver lining” of various conspiracies.

  28. While these are a cool , futuristic design, there are many issues that need to be addressed for different types of places you might put one of these. Flat roof are not good for snowy areas. Glass front not good for hot areas. the light weight is not good for windy areas. I also didn't notice much room for storage. this would be great for a mild temperature place that doesn't see much snow like southern Illinois, or Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee

  29. The Coodo Moon cost appears to start (or be) around €2300 per square meter, or $2415 per square meter. The Moon is 32 square meters, or 345 square feet. The Moon cost is about €73,600, or about $75,000. There are 10.75 square feet in a square meter. LTG lofts to go is headquartered in Hamberg Germany (or Estonia). A key partner in the company is the Black Buffalo 3D Corporation, hq'd in NY, NY. They are a Big Sun Holdings Group company and member of Hyundai BS&C. Some of the available information is a bit confusing, but it looks like it's at least got some actual potential to deliver as stated at some point in the near-ish future.

  30. i love so much what he highlights and how he explains things…really helps us to know what we might otherwise miss in considering what works best for our own situations. I wasn't as interested in these before but now I am..and way more than thought i would be… …either i am listening better or he included somethings i didn't know. Glad i decided to watch. Love the add on and take away options as well as the insulation quality and other things. I like both…separate bedrooms AND those as part of a more open spaced arrangement. I very much need both shower and bath…but there is something portable , that even folds up to story , and that can be put in a shower making a tub in it. Might see if i can find it….where i read about it lots of years ago and not sure where .

  31. I LOVE the look and all the windows………and roof terrace!

  32. I wonder if you do an episode about some of the items I'm seeing on the Web from China and that side of the world. They seem real cheap – but I'm not sure of if I am reading their pricing correctly nor how real they are – let alone quality.

  33. Are there any prefab modern homes that are out now? Like I can find your videos? Seems like boxabl is the only one

  34. THE M NETWORK ( The Millionaire Network) says:

    It's different. I have always love these homes but did not know where to buy them. Thank you for doing this show.

  35. Thanks, Kerry for always keeping us up to speed! It will be interesting to see the price points in N.A. as well as the option list like W/D as already mentioned, A/C and solar.

  36. Love the look and modular concept, yet it seems that you would need a shed like many mobile homes have for storage. I currently live in a similar sized studio with just one closet and no extra storage space. Everything I own (bicycle, luggage, fans, vacuum cleaner, boxes, laundry basket) is stacked on the floor in my living space. Very messy and cluttered!

  37. with downsizing, you’re selling a larger home to buy smaller, hopefully fully pocketing some savings. Are they selling that unused module back to the company? Someone who needs some extra rooms minus the bathroom or kitchen portions of the base module? They’re cool, though. I want one for my back yard.

  38. I haven't seen anyone on YT who covers the leading edge of the pre-fab home market as well as you do Kerry.
    That said, when I see a product where the price is not yet available, yet you can buy one now, I gotta wonder about the "there there".
    As far as the "Modern Retro" look being touted, I think about what WILL happen to these units once they cut engines and actually 'land' on planet Earth. It might work on a TV set that's occupied by Captain Picard, but the gloss on the exterior of these houses (2:20), or the repairs on the walls if you should change your mind about where you want to hang a picture, will have them morphing into the "Mid-century, Used Trailer Park" look before very long. It looks like a plastic house, inside and out – what are the Makers thinking? Can they even be painted?
    It's past time for potential buyers to stop drooling over 3D renderings or offshore showroom models and start asking real-world questions.

  39. $25,000😇” I will forever be grateful to you. you've changed my life I'll continue to preach about your name for the world to hear you've saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment. Kathy is the best

  40. I've seen a few modern brands like this. I'd like to rent some out. However, what is never approached is a garage and/or shed type structure. You need someplace to put your lawnmower to keep the grass down so you can walk down to the lake ;), if not a place to park your car to keep the snow off.

  41. Another great video. Have been following these guys for 4 years or so, they really have a great product!

  42. I wish we saw more video of the homes than the speaker. Yet I appreciate the info.

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