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TIMECHANT M111 – SENSES Atomic Talking Watch with reset Crown

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  1. The way to get this to update: take a length of wire.. doesn't matter what kind, inside telephone wire, speaker wire, ethernet wire, even an unused extension cord. Wrap one end around the body of the watch 10-20 times, and string the rest up like a long wire antenna. Your improvised long wire antenna will catch more of the signal , create a standing wave inside it, and the coil end will induce a stronger radio signal into the tiny interal antenna in the watch. If you want to make a permanent signal booster, cut a piece of cardboard into a square, coil up one end of your wire (thin is easiest to work with, like from old inside house telephone wire), coil one end into a circle a few inches in diameter, tape your circle down to the cardboard in a circle, and then set it on your shelf or nightstand where youw ant to park your atomic time sync watches at night. String the rest of the wire up as your long wire antenna. Then just part your watches on the cardboard square signal boosting watch parking pad.. You can thank my paretns for buying the family a shortwave family that I played with as a kid for this 😉

  2. Why do so many people who have instructional videos refuse to talk? Silent movies have gone out of style for over 90 years. Just having the watch doing the talking is not descriptive.

  3. When I set the central time it’s off by 2 hours.

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