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Tin Can – Low Sci Fi Space Pod Survival

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Tin Can Gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play Tin Can and check out a game where you’ll try to survive for as long as possible using only the materials you have at hand while the entire trash pod falls apart around you.

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  1. Not my thing, but looks very neat for people who it is their thing.

  2. This seems as perfect game to be made into VR version.

  3. Based on the amount of times in the first 10 minutes you said niche, I can assume this has a crazy amount of micromanagement aswell as variety in events

  4. Just a thought, if the escape capsule requires this much care or has this low of a reliability, I wonder how bad the station or ship reliability would be. If it's this bad, then all those that explore space are true heros

  5. Is it just me, or do the assets look ripped from breath edge?

  6. If the O2 to Nitrogen percentage gets too high, things will break more and can cause parts to catch fire.

  7. watching an interesting game like this makes me worry about the development of Star Citizen. its a compliment to these developers and a confession as a sucker

  8. 21:39 pretty sure that's not a black hole they don't have rings, I don't know what that is

  9. Computer from Canada, Splat? Mmmnn sus as hell. Everyone knows Canada has no computers! It's all just Hockey and Bret Hart statues covered in maple syrup!

  10. I appreciate a more thorough review over a first impression. You being more knowledgeable about the game helps you to give a better and more accurate presentation of it. I completely understand though about not having enough time or interest to dedicate as much time as you did to this game to every game.

  11. I think my biggest problem with this game is having to rip parts out to protect them instead of just having a switch to fully shut off a system to protect its components.

  12. Great video! I especially like that you knew how to play. I saw a video on this a few days ago, and the person who made it basically just flailed around in panic for half an hour. I don't think they fixed a single thing in their several lives. I learned very little about the game from that, but this was a really good overview and explanation. Thumbs up!

  13. if you want to know Nitrogen might be important in the air systems read about what happened to Apollo 1 through 3. They didn't Nitrogen in their air and well fire real bad if your in a bubble of almost pure oxygen

  14. Was the red book of errors never showcased in action or did I miss it?

  15. This video is a very good example of your artistic integrity with the fact your taking the time to not only go into sandbox to make the game more clear to understand but also re-record the entire video in order to give the best first impression to your audience as possible (even though most of us would forgive an indie dev for an already fixed bug).

  16. 11:5812:18
    And just like that you lost me. Playing survival engineer sounds like a fun little diversion, but that's just so unnecessarily tedious right out the gate. Besides the idea of HOW does an asteroid bust internals without, you know, catastrophic external damage?
    Also space is OVERWHELMINGLY empty. If you were to go through an actual asteroid field it would be unfathomably rare to actually hit something.

  17. This is like the game I've always wanted to make (but never will cause I'm a technological peasant), in mine though you'd be in the future as a sole survivor in a spaceship that's much too big for one person to run and you'd be able to scavenge derelict space stations/ships for parts and equipment. Imagine running around a huge ship, scrambling into maintenance hatches desperately trying to make it back to civilization as the ship starts to fall apart around you. You could have more "sci-fi" events like maybe your AI gets corrupted and starts secretly working against you or aliens teleport in. you'd also be able to choose travel paths FTL style, do you go for that derelict space station that might contain a working food synthesizer but is also behind an asteroid field or do you take the safe path and hope something opens up later? Where is that wormhole going to take you? Maybe somewhere cool, maybe to your doom.

  18. Whenever splat can't help but play a game. I know its gonna be good

  19. This game would be amazing on the oculus.

  20. so simplistic on first glance, damn hard when dig in. LOVE IT 😀 . also, would it happen in reality, i'd rather be dead than trying to fix that damn thing. esp when you know that help is at best week or two away .

  21. If I was stuck in space with you I'd be confident, thanks for such a thorough review of this game my man!

  22. "low sci fi" "crt monitor" — "gravity field generator" :/ . pussies

  23. Loved watching you play. That large astroid could be called peanut! =)

  24. Suggestion for fixing the oxygen: don't vent…just disconnect the oxy tank for a while…lol

  25. Reminds me of Keep talking and nobody explodes but single player. I guess this would be Keep fixing and you won't die.

  26. Thanbk you so much! I was having a very hard time with this game with you playing and explaining this game i learned a whole lot on how to survive thank you so much! Really GREAT VIDEO!!!

  27. Lol love the game slogan "in space, tech support can't hear you scream"

  28. RSI needs to have these guys design their space ship repair game loop for Star Citizen.

  29. Would have been great if Hellion had had some of this sort of thing involved.

  30. Nitrogen gas on your meter is good for raising pressure without raising carbon dioxide or oxygen. You need a certain pressure to breathe, you need that pressure to not be deadly carbon dioxide, and it also can't be pure oxygen because that makes you spontaneously combust. So, nitrogen.

  31. You have 60 seconds to grab stuff, and you were just blind panicking hoping to find enough of the right kind of stuff and throw it in the pod. Is it maybe worth the few seconds to look inside the pod first and see what's already there so you know what's missing to go get?

  32. I love how instant an unwarned death is here. Pull the wrong thing, just dead. Space be like that.

  33. For here, am I sitting in a tin can, far above the world….

  34. Devs achieved something really cool by making this challenge in such a confined environment to be exciting and intriguing.

  35. Pretty simple game to be honest. Albeit it was a fun time.

    Edit: Taking a processor out of the gravity gen is handy.

  36. A bigger pod with a second person would be cool

  37. You could turn that off as well. There is a switch.

  38. Actually happened in real life. Scrap thieves removed the protective casing of a nuclear battery powering a navigation beacon.

  39. for rouge like: time based fabricator, perhaps – You choose what part you want and it takes X time to make – changing part will reset/lose that time.
    That fabricator could be placed instead of one sitting.

  40. Cuz nowhere is safer for, you or your monitors, during collision, than the floor

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