Tommy Atomic 1984 Robot by New Bright Refurbish -

Tommy Atomic 1984 Robot by New Bright Refurbish

Randi Rain
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Randi Rain takes apart 2002 2 model B New Bright robot Tommy Atomic robot toy and fixes it..

Tommy Atomic Schematics

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  1. Thank you so much Randi, I've wanted to restore mine for a long time now and you've just shown me how. Cheers to you!

  2. This brings back memories. I had one of these as a kid.

  3. Love your videos but this one was too blurry to enjoy. I bet you could redo this restoration with your new camera with much appreciation.

  4. Where does that disconnected wire go? (Right before you closed him back up) Is it the one that heats up the oil?

  5. That little record player is crazy. I love the mech for it.

  6. What's that pump thing called bellows pump or a different type of pump

  7. Is there a place that I can get that stuff from

  8. Do you know what brand of smoking device is in that magic mike robot

  9. What screws does the magic mike robot has

  10. You are too cool. I'm worries about taking this apart. My record isn't playing.

  11. My childhood toy makes me sad to remember. Good job…

  12. I got the one on the right, my great grandmother died recently and we found it in the basement, I also have the packaging.

  13. Si querés aprender, mirá este video.

  14. Wow!! Congratulations dear Randi, you are a fantastic technician!! I enjoy with your beautiful videos!!

  15. Tried flow is a good lubercaite for those Small Morors

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