TOP 5 Impact Features Everyone Should Know -

TOP 5 Impact Features Everyone Should Know

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The drill is the #1 must have tool and that was before I found out about all the hidden features and secret tips that come with the impact driver.
Now that is all I use!
Here are my 5 reasons why I always grab my impact driver over my drill. Regardless of the brand DeWalt, Milwaukee, Makita, or even Harbor Freight here are the ins and outs of your impact drive, learn what not to do, and how to make the most of this amazing power tool!

1/4″ Hex 3/8″ chuck:
1/4″ Hex 1/2″ chuck:
If you only click on one link GET the Mini Mini Impact:
Atomic Combo Kit:
XR Combo Kit:
XR w/ Hammer Drill:

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1- Size and Weight 0:11
2- Power 1:38
3- Features and Settings 3:15
4- Safety 5:26
5- Setup Speed and everything else 6:17


  1. Yes, keep using your drills you uncouth cretins

  2. Please provide a link to the impact to chuck adapter.

  3. Motors r different between the two
    You can put more force to a drill
    There is drilling that will destroy your impacts
    It all depends on the type of labor
    Lighter stuff impact
    Bigger stuff drill
    Wont use a impact to drill through thick steel or 1 inch or bigger holes
    Save the motor
    All depends on the labor

  4. I never knew that adapter existed and wouldnt have even thought to look it up. Neat, thanks

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