Toyota’s INSANE NEW Nuclear Diamond Battery Is Here! -

Toyota’s INSANE NEW Nuclear Diamond Battery Is Here!

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Toyota’s INSANE NEW Nuclear Diamond Battery Is Here!

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With the development of a new form of battery that uses nuclear wastes from reactors to generate #electricity, which can then be used to power all electronic gadgets, this is now achievable. A single charge of these batteries will keep them running for more than 28000 years. #Cars powered by electricity are reshaping the landscape. Automobiles powered by batteries are quickly overtaking gas-powered models as the preferred mode of transportation for many automakers, and #Toyota is at the forefront of this development. Join us as we examine how Toyota finally reveals the new Nuclear Diamond battery!

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  1. I tried to help the US auto industry by replacing lithium ion batteries with solid state batteries. The US did not accept that, and they are whining about lithium ion batteries. The lithium ion battery is a metal powder in a gel. The gel behaves like water but much slower. As a result, metal powder precipitates. Local increase in metal powder leads to overheating and fire. SS Batteries last up to 20 years compared to lithium ion which lose 10% capacity annually. The price of SS Batteries is 10x lower than lithium ion batteries, which cost as much as 1/3 of the vehicle.

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