Trade Show Trade Pile, What I'm Bringing to the 2024 Trade Show. (So Far) - Part 1 -

Trade Show Trade Pile, What I’m Bringing to the 2024 Trade Show. (So Far) – Part 1

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Here’s a quick video of some of the stuff I’m bringing to the 2024 Live Trade Show, which is Saturday August 24th at 8pm.

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  1. Retro gaming can be very expensive. But I am learning very quickly that some of these consoles/games had HUGE production runs and can be had for reasonable prices today. Trading is also a strong method of building your library. I have some classic Dreamcast gems that I'm going to use as trade bait. Now I just need a convention to attend lol.

  2. Hi Chris Miller Are You Still Married

  3. Super interested in that Halo Xbox 360 controller. Been wanting one for a while now.

  4. Xbox live Arcade games are cool I used to play all the time

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