UNCOVERING The GAME CHANGING Nuclear Diamond Batteries That Could Last For A Lifetime πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ - ndbatteries.com

UNCOVERING The GAME CHANGING Nuclear Diamond Batteries That Could Last For A Lifetime πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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UNCOVERING The GAME CHANGING Nuclear Diamond Batteries That Could Last For A Lifetime πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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NDB, a Californian business, invented the Nano diamond battery. Their primary goal is to convert nuclear waste into something useful, and their secondary goal is to obtain radioactive isotopes. The Nano Diamond Battery is a revolutionary energy generating and storage system that redefines and revolutionizes the battery as we know it.
Its longevity and long-lasting qualities are ensured by transforming the radioactive decay energy from nuclear waste into energy. From chipset to industrial applications, NDB is small, modular, cost-effective, and scalable.

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According to the Nano Diamond Battery, the radioactive battery is totally safe, and the company hopes to begin selling the battery to commercial partners, including space agencies, for long-duration missions within the next two years.

The company is also developing a consumer version of the battery that could run a smartphone or electric car for more than a decade without needing to be recharged. This not only saves us the trouble of recharging our devices, but it also has ramifications for the environmental impact of battery manufacturing and disposal.

Because it is made from nuclear waste, this is a nuclear battery. Although the energy in radioactive material has been depleted, the radiation it emits will persist for thousands of years. Just as there is still the effect of radioactivity after the Chernobyl accident. As a result, radioactive rays are the source of energy in this nuclear battery.

A Nano diamond battery is a high-power diamond-based radioactive battery that can offer long-term energy for a variety of applications other than lithium-ion batteries, gasoline, and so on.

Chemical vapor deposition is used to create the Nano diamond battery. Diamond is employed because it is the hardest material, it is a radioactive source, and it is most significantly a semiconductor.

NDB functions as a miniature nuclear reactor. The battery is powered by an intermediate and high-level radioisotope, with the radioisotope having a multi-layer of synthetic diamond.

The Nano diamond battery, also known as a beta voltaic battery, works and generates energy as long as it is in a radioactive environment and receiving beta rays from radioactive isotopes such as carbon 14 and nickel 63. The Nano diamond battery’s durability is owing to the radioactive element’s half-life.

According to NDB’s official website, the diamond battery includes a very complex safety mechanism that addresses at least three of the most crucial areas of safety.

First, the polycrystalline diamond encapsulation can confine the isotope’s radiation while also safeguarding it from meddling from the outside world.

Thermal vents will be incorporated into the diamond battery to aid in the regulation of thermal conduction inside the device.

In addition, NDB will use a Boron-doped single crystalline diamond to enhance the usage of neutron radiations by converting excess neutrons into alpha rays.

In addition, the diamond battery will use an ion implantation technique to prevent nuclear proliferation caused by the generation of fissionable isotopes. This technology also assures that the diamond battery is only used to generate power.

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  1. can't wait until I get one of these and make a slowmo youtube video about crushing it

  2. Dave Pratt Landscape Designs Paver Pro says:

    I'm impressed. I would like to invest, do you have a stock ticker?
    Thank you

  3. Compare with Liquid Metal, Sodium, Sulfur, Niobium, Graphite

  4. After driving a nuclear ship that ran over 20 years without being refueled I can see the value and possibilities

  5. it is a futuristic concept that i hope we could achieve soon enough. high praise to all the people working on this project.

  6. If this was as good as they say, no way the government would allow anything like this to be released. lol

  7. Green2Stay Eco SWD Marketing Network says:

    Hi thanks for the videoπŸ‘ We shared this to the Green2Stay Eco SWD Marketing Networkβ™»οΈπŸŒπŸ”‹

  8. Is there any nuclear waste generated after the battery is finish or wrecked! Or is this just another way to make money on underground nuclear waste and spreading waste wherever these batteries are?

  9. Fantastic concept, but seems like vaporware at this point. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they can actually get this or something similar to the market soon.

  10. Thank God for Elon Musk, the man like he is. He did such a good things for humanity. His relationship with God is his private think. He will find his way to God, when it will be right time. Maybe he just need good people, who whitneses their religion, with their simple lives ❀.

  11. Can't wait to have this kind of battery in my gadgets

  12. ImO this is a non started. Big tech doesnt want things that last forever. Reason why the cure to cancer wont be released because theres no continuous income from cures. Same reason michellen started the restaurant review, not enough rebuy of tires, same reason iphone sends updates to destroy your batteru, and makes it next to impossible to replace the battery… reoccuring income from failing equipment…
    I see this issue in my wood working biz. I build custom cutting board, that as long as properly cared for will last a long time, but people want cheap they meed to replace every few months

  13. It want happen because people who can afford a car with batteries πŸ”‹ like that will trade it in after two or three years for a newer model and people like me can’t afford it or refuse to pay that much for a car. Remember I drive a donkey to save on fuel ⛽️ and when it dies I just eat it so nothing goes to waste. 🀬

  14. I think introducing nuclear waste is a no go area long term. Nuclear powerwastbe 19th century stech. Welcome to defective logic. So now we normal users will be hsed to dispose nuclear waste. Count me out. And I hope youtube does not push your videos to me.

  15. I like the idea, of course one of these batteries need to be created and put into use. Then, a starting price. Will it be affordable? I mean right now it’s great in theory, but will the patent be bought out and scraped. If I were you, I would power a cruise ship with it. To try it out, cruise ships are huge, need lots of energy, if the power source fails, I am certain the ship will have an alternative power source.

  16. Take away okay from the rudder rudder they will only check it's design return it hope you make it through love you my little Bird

  17. Consider the possibility what if it be used as a radioactive weapon..

  18. It's very interesting πŸ€” only less than 20 engineers built the door πŸšͺ access to the nuclear battery πŸ”‹ πŸ˜€ them if 10000000 engineers 😳 trays?…

  19. this is a great opportunity, how do we invest

  20. Its like radium!!! Great hope for the world!!! Best of luck for that company!!!

  21. Sounds pretty amazing, bring the idea into real life

  22. Kakva glupost, nukluani otpad je radio aktivan, kako to misle rijeΕ‘it'. Ovo je nekakva zajebancija, izmiΕ‘ljotina.

  23. It’s precious!!NANO/NUCLEAR DIAMOND BATTERY wow

  24. The greatest thing next to electricity and the wheel.

  25. I would use it for my house instead of hydro be completely off grid

  26. Sorry but someone Will be assesinated, the battery Will not be convenient to powerfull people.

  27. Please do this! Don't let the governments of the world stop it! If this was a StarTrek story I would say you just developed the Dilithum Crystal for the Warp Drive! Keep it going at all cost!

  28. I truly hope it is a viable technology.They used to say gasoline was too dangerous for use and 100 years later it runs everything.I hope Elon gets involved with the concept.If there is one person that will take the risk in r and d it would be him

  29. I can't wait to get this for my electric scooter

  30. NDB – A major breakthrough of this century which will help the Human and all living beings in the WORLD into a pollution less & heat less EARTH – Hats off to the Scientists who made this invention – They must be recognised by suitable AWARDS.

  31. Great put these in Teslas unless it’s dangerous will catch on fire like others or kill us or cost way to much. 😊

  32. This is fantastic but unbelievable at the same time very interestingπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ŒπŸ‘

  33. Sounds too good to be true. If true, this will be a game changer for ev mobility and range anxiety issues. Battery problem solved.

  34. You mean once you charge it. It will not lose it's charge for 28,000 years. Then each battery is like a mini power plant. Are not diamonds expensive? I can see the advantage of putting the nuclear waste to good use
    Would'nt sodium ion batteries be cheaper to make and sustain? Curious

  35. please somebody tell me where are they produced, i want to invest in stock market, thanks bernd from munich

  36. Brilliant. This is very cost efficient, and not as harming to our planet. This is the future

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  38. I am waiting for such kind of smart ev πŸš—πŸš—πŸš—πŸš—..

  39. My only concern is the safety part what happens if it is in a car and that car has an accident will this cause leakage of nuclear material?? if we can get over that I see many applications for this.

  40. You are doing great job THE NDB will change everything in World and lifestyle too

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