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Volantex Atomic SR85 Unboxing

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Experience the thrill of high-speed electric power boats with the Atomic SR85 from Volantex RC. With its specially designed hull for stable performance over rough water, the SR85 is capable of speeds of up to 75kph when the water cooled, high performance brushless motor is combined with the right battery packs.


  1. What happened to the video of the SR85 Catamaran ? Was Nik advertising it for EXHobby, then they found out it won't do 75kph ? One unboxing video! No explanation as to why the video of it running has not been made. Give me some answer Nik please ? we were expecting a video of this. If not Nik, can someone please explain from EXHobby or Volantex what we need to do to get our advertised speed ?

  2. Nice vid! Did you already had the chance to hit the water with it?

  3. Loctite the motor mounts & coupler set screws or it will come off runing it on the second time…ask me how i know! 🙂 Also manual does not say anything about what lipo to use. Nothing. ONLY thing that talks About the recomended lipo is online ads… but on the end it's a Nice RC boat… Catamaran selflevel…which actually works. One last thing 75km is not true. It makes 53kmh out of the box with a Graphene 4s lipo… And with a bigger prop (drilled to fit) like a 42mm 2Blade CNC it makes 56kmh. No more! 😉

  4. Very nice unboxing. Thank you for the advice and detailed information

  5. Thanks sir….really helpful unboxing and set up.👍🍻

  6. 10 minutes of run time???? I’m lucky to get 5

  7. Beautiful Volantex SR85 Would love to see one Racing a SR80🔥

  8. Need to post the video of you racing the boats 👌

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