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Volantex ATOMIC V792-4 Brushless RTR 4S Racing Boat Review – [BONUS Mavic 2 PRO Boat Tracking Test]

Dustin Dunnill
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Enjoy my Volantex ATOMIC V792-4 Brushless RTR 4S Racing Boat Review & BONUS Mavic 2 PRO Boat Tracking 12% OFF code: Thank23
DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone here

This boat is Faaaast! Especially on 4s and yes it can handle the power 🙂

Let me know what you think about the Mavic 2’s ability to track the boat in the comments below.
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  1. Wow , that's TPP (Third person perspective), very cool !! It looks awesome. You may just have started a new trend , but I suspect the tracking feature might need a tweak here and there. It would be cool if RC manufacturers released "coupled" craft, say a Mavic and a boat like you have, with some kind of tracking hardware on the boat and quad. Loved the review mate, really well done: Thumbs up from me! 👍👍👍

  2. Nice boat, but not having reverse is odd to me.

  3. Wow this was amazing, the Mavic FPV was great idea. That little boat screams over the water. Awesome!!!!

  4. Personally, I really enjoy the family time you are able to make along with your reviews, it was a little bit funny that when you hollered the youngster just knew to take off, 'cause dad's doing a review, priceless. They will remember this stuff with you always.

  5. Greetings from cold Germany. We scratched ice from our cars last week and you wearing shorts 😎😂

    Can it be, that this pond had more water the last time?

  6. You could do range tests with the mavic like 3rd person view.

  7. Another great video but you have to stop brother another thing that I have to buy🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  8. Hi Dustin, for a moment there i thought this video was candidate for our upcoming compilation but being who you are…you saved the mavic…should i say…oh well perhaps next time… 🙂 . Btw, totally enjoyed the insta 360 one video you uploaded..!!! 👌👌👌

  9. I thought of pee too lol Thank you bro! As always, your daughter is a trooper!!! Aloha!!!

  10. That much water penetration makes me think it’s the water cooling. That’s the one place water is being forced into the hull. Easy enough to test at home with air and soapy water.

  11. I'm running a 120 Amp Flycolor ESC with a Leopard 3660 X2 Motor, 2650kv on Turnigy nano-tech 2650mah 6S 45~90C battery, with a 2 blade 40mmx1.6 pitch propeller. Crazy fast & stable. Has reached 70km & more 😉 I also changed the flex shaft to 4mm, and replaced the plastic strut & rudder with aluminium. View my pics https://www.facebook.com/JohnBlissWireMonkey

  12. I’m getting the same boat soon, would you be able to link the 4s battery you got as I am very new to this rc boating and don’t won’t my boat battery blowing up
    Thank you 🙂

  13. i just got that boat but got a 3000kv water cooled motor,im going to upgrade to 6-8s lipo and motor and esc later,have fun

  14. Hey Dustin. Know this isn't the newest vid but going through your reviews. Anyhow, nice measurement method "bladder" amount. I use this the next time I'm cooking. 🙂 Also, your daughter looks as excited about your flying as mine does. Kids are not too excited about dads toys.

  15. hey what C rating have you tested? looking to getting some lipos as i wait for delivery. stock esc 3s till she fails. thinking 2200mah 30c 3s or 3300mah 30c 3s or can i go higher C rate or even lower to 20c

  16. Rtf ready to fly oh wait, rtf ready to float

  17. Dont you let that girl try too?
    Because shes just there all the time just watching.
    And you made her go into the water
    When YOU flipped it.
    Not cool bro

  18. Can you tell me what 4s battery you have?

  19. The problem with the seal it’s the refrigeration tube when the water gets collected from the rudder and gets inside the boat there’s no seal in the hole, I got the same boat just that is yellow, but overall it’s awesome

  20. You can also use butter to the seals but remeber to take the butter off it after wards bc it will make it dry

  21. And telling, if ur boat flips or receiver is fd like mine, i have the volantex blade and i cant find the receiver sending to my country so thats sad

  22. Rtf? Ready to fly? Didnt know it could fly lol

  23. Hi Dustin. Can you please tell me the diameters of the flex driveshaft. Flex part and stiff part for the bearings. i just lost the driveshaft of my Joysway Rocket on the lake. No chance to get it back. Would be great if this driveshaft fits my Rocket 26. Thanks for your support.

  24. How many mah does your 4slipo have? You played the boat a whole 20mins?


  26. This might be my next project speed demon 🧐 feilun ft011 has already been fully modified to the max haha. Sweet video bro 🤙🏽🙌🏽

  27. Just got my personal experience, I watched this vid to see if I want this bot but couldn’t tell how fast it was with the 3s battery from operating view cause you were trying to get the drone to work and then the battery got weak when you came back! Oh well cool stuff man but maybe less of the drone shot when trying to see the true speed of it! All love tho

  28. Nice channel 👍. The mavik probably woulda tracked the yellow boat better JS. Maybe put a big bright sticker on it.

  29. Somebody knows if it come with reverse mine won’t reverse thanks

  30. Awesome footage! I stay on Oahu and just now getting into RC sailing. I bought the Atomic because of good reviews and your video helped me with battery sizing. I'll be running in salt water though. I'm practicing with this one until my Traxxas M41 gets here in August! Thanks for the great info bruddah!

  31. Hello dustin it's an amazing boat but it has a big problem it doesn't have self flipping or righting you have to get in the water to turn it over yourself that's annoying

  32. Hello so I need to run fast when going straight but in turns I have to go slow so it won't flip over and grabbing waves slow so I don't have the issue of flipping over I really like the boat but that is the only issue. I have the feilun ft012 can it work to push it to the shore if it flips down could it be hard to tow it?

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