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Volantex V729-4 Atomic RC Racing Boat – Full Review Part 1

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The VOLANTEXRC V729 – 4 Atomic is a brushless RC racing boat that uses a catamaran design to provide excellent stability and low resistance in the water. Being much more lighter than a monohull it is also more power-efficient, which means it requires less power to increase the speed. With the powerful 3540 2000KV brushless outrunner motor and 50C burst 3S LiPo battery, this RC boat can sail at around the speed of ~60km/h.

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Main Features:
● 60km/h high speed enabled by the powerful 3540 2000KV brushless motor
● Water cooled motor and ESC for long lifespan and reliability under heavy load.
● Extremely maneuverable with high-torque servo + 40A ESC + smaller hydrodynamic resistance
● Efficient water cooling system guarantees the high performance of all the electronic components
● Up to 8 minutes’ thrilling sailing provided by the 11.1V 1300mAh high-capacity LiPo battery


  1. What about anti- capsize system ? Because those type catamaran boats very easy turn around and then good buy

  2. I think the motor is on its way out on my Atomic. Anyone know what would be a good upgrade motor to fit in (with more power) kellyrobert605@gmail.com

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