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Volantex V792-4 ATOMIC Professional Racing Boat Review

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Thanks for checking out my review of the extremely cool Volantex ATOMIC RC speedboat.

The product featured in this video was provided for free by Banggood.com in exchange for a fair and honest review.

All opinions expressed are entirely my own and are purely objective.

If you like what you see, you can find your own Volantex ATOMIC here:

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Good luck and enjoy your ATOMIC should you choose to get one!


  1. The bows are very thin and fragile.My model is the similar SR 85 in the UK and is 4 cells. Self righting but slow to do so. The cockpit seal was simply lousy. Goes like stink but cornering needs care or its over

  2. hey what C rating have you tested? looking to getting some lipos as i wait for delivery. thinking 2200mah 30c 3s or 3300mah 30c 3s

  3. Just bought this because of this vid. Great boat,

  4. Boy you just review a little bit of everything. These are Nice out of the box RTR boats Good Review👍👍💛

  5. Hello excuse me which boat is better the volantex or the feilun ft011

  6. Hello so I need to run fast when going straight but in turns I have to go slow so it won't flip over and grabbing waves slow so I don't have the issue of flipping over I really like the boat but that is the only issue. I have the feilun ft012 can it work to push it to the shore if it flips down could it be hard to tow it?

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