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Walkthrough – Retro Machina (XSX) – All Collectibles – Area 1 – Atomic City

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This is a video walkthrough for all of the collectibles (Files, Images, & Cores) of Retro Machina on Xbox Series X & Steam.

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File #16: 1:11
Image #5: 1:54
Upgrade Core #2: 2:23
Upgrade Core #3: 3:09
File #29: 4:11
File #10: 5:04
Power Core #1: 5:36
File #21: 6:18
Repair Core #2: 6:18
Upgrade Core #4: 7:44
Image #16: 8:08
Repair Core #3: 8:41
Upgrade Core #5: 9:43
Power Upgrade #2: 10:12
File #5: 10:12
Image #10: 11:19
Radio Frequency Core #1: 11:43
File #11: 12:18
Upgrade Core #6: 12:39
Repair Core #4: 13:04
Upgrade Core #7: 13:29
File #17: 14:09
Upgrade Core #8: 14:41
Image #20: 15:00
Repair Core #5: 15:37
Upgrade Core #9: 16:26
File #4: 16:49
Power Core #3: 17:07
Image #8: 17:41
File #15: 18:12
Upgrade Core #10: 19:30
Image #21: 20:21
Upgrade Core #11: 21:15
Radio Frequency Core #2: 21:43
File #12: 22:26
Upgrade Core #12: 23:22
Radio Frequency Core #3: 24:02
Image #9: 24:58
Upgrade Core #13: 25:55
Repair Core #6: 26:32
File #1: 26:32
Upgrade Core #14: 27:24
File #2: 27:24
File #26: 28:17
Radio Frequency Core #4: 28:17
Repair Core #7: 29:01
File #31: 29:01


  1. I followed your excellent guide, I was able to find everything and unlocked all upgrades but the trophy for all control cores didn't pop. I found all 14 but nothing. Any suggestions.

  2. Thanks, this will help me to find the few missing things I didn't get on my 18 hours of exploring to make sure I didn't miss anything. Since I missed 1 thing in Nucleonics, I get to play from scratch but quicker this time. BTW, there's some sneaky spots in this game, such as that hidden grappler in the mountain at the end of a conveyor belt over a pit (had me thinking it was a dead end).

  3. Here's a tip on one of the items in the mountain. I just now got them all on my for my first run, except that first one I am locked out of and the last one I was searching for was not being detected by the scanner. It's a green upgrade core in the mountain. I got a clip on my Xbox showing it doesn't pick up on scan and showing how to find it. Here's how to find it.

    When you are halfway back up the mountain (after unlocking big front entrance), on the outside of the mountain you will see a huge robot in the middle of the screen holding onto the broken bridge (a collectible is on it's head). There are two paths around that robot but on the left side it has bars you must lower so you go right. After a few jumps over gaps you will see a broken looking edge on the right of the ground. This edge you jump to a hidden path but it's wide on that side you jump from so make sure you jump from the correct spot on that edge. Then walk up the hidden path to get the green upgrade core.

    I'm still doing all this over again but on my main profile now.

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