WE FIGHT SOME ALIENS (No Way!) | Early Access #24 | XENONAUTS 2 - ndbatteries.com

WE FIGHT SOME ALIENS (No Way!) | Early Access #24 | XENONAUTS 2

Janet On Occasion
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  1. Can you research the cleaner device next video?

  2. So many upgrades, your squad is going to be spoilt for choice.

  3. You can't suppress robots, so will never suppress the office chairs

  4. "-eng" in chinese is pronounced like "-ung" is "dung", for reference with Hu Xiaofeng, though this series is almost over.

  5. Demo charges are meant for blowing up cover and armour, not so much for dealing damage
    If you check the official wiki, you can see frag grenades do more damage but remove less armour, while demo shreds armour and does less damage

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