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We Prove Lithium Ion Batteries Replace Gas!

VCG Construction
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We cut down tall grass and thick reeds with the EGO Power+ 42” Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower (ZT4204L). We did all the trimmer work with the lithium-ion powered POWER+ POWERLOAD STRING TRIMMER WITH LINE IQ (ST1623T). We finally cut up and stacked a huge pile of firewood using the battery powered POWER+ 18″ CHAIN SAW (CS1804) to answer the question “Can battery power do this?”. We Prove Lithium Ion Batteries Replace Gas! Elon Musk has proved that Lithium-Ion batteries can motivate cars and trucks, now we prove the same technology can replace gasoline in outdoor power equipment. We guarantee not that long ago nobody thought that lithium ion batteries could ever power string trimmers, chainsaws, but especially a zero turn lawn mower! We put the newest Ego outdoor power equipment to the test clearing an over grown lot. Elon Musk got it right when he decided this battery technology would change the world, now it has done the same for power tools and outdoor power equipment!

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  1. Yea …but tell them the cost of the equipment and replacement batteries.
    In my time of selling the equipment at Lowe's no one ever bought the zero turn due to the cost….and people returned alot if string trimmers due to battery issues.

  2. I'm very happy with my Ego snowblower. I'm hooked.

  3. Nice toy, does it come with remote? What is batteries life time? Still prefer diesel or petrol engine. This eco scam is for idiots.

  4. Great video! Love ego products! That lawn mower is a beast and the string trimmer is pretty amazing! Really like how you can interchange the batteries!

  5. Cool Stuff !!!!
    I'm a Husqvarna Stihl kind a guy, but I do love my Milwaukee 18V trimmer and blower.
    Ego is very nice, but very pricy. If a person lives in a Socialist master piece such as California and is mandated in to electric equipment. The very pricy battery plastic mowers may not be necessary. But the technology is very cool😎.
    Thanks much Vince for the video.

  6. Yo Vince! That IS awesome! Was great seeing you get outdoors and getting into BEAST mode. 💯👍 Great video footage and editing, too. Take care and God bless! 😁👍✌
    P.S. I always miss not seeing your outro. Just a preference. 🤷‍♂️

  7. I love ego! Have been using a push mower, weed eater, abs blower for over a year now. Only issue is the 7.5ah battery that came with the mower is starting to malfunction it seems and a replacement is outrageous.

  8. Vin, is that the Monaghila River you are near?

  9. On the chainsaw I noticed theres a wobble on the bar even when the chain is super tight. And the sprocket overheats is that normal for the saw?

  10. Awesome work! Thanks for sharing! Have a lovely new week!👍

  11. What is the best battery operated weed eater? And blower.

  12. Kobalt 24-volt Max 500-CFM 120-MPH Brushless Handheld Cordless Electric Leaf Blower (Tool Only)

    Item #2610307

    Model #KHB 2024B-03

    all for $59.00

  13. What's stopping Ego from joining the power tool scene

  14. Hey Vince. How are those Brunt boots working out? Do you like them and recommend them? Do some work boot reviews in the future. Thanks for the videos. They are always top!

  15. Love Ego… just wish they would make a shop vac or even more in my dreams.. a pressure washer.

  16. I have their big dog self-propelled push mower, blower, weed eater and quite a few others and I love EGO.

  17. Gas is dead. Thank god too. I hate those dirty, smelly, and obnoxiously loud outdoor mowers/blowers/trimmers. Good riddance.

  18. If gas is a fuel and you need some type of fuel to create electricity how can batteries replace gas? Trying to understand the logic.

  19. That’s actually the toughest test for mower I’ve seen anyone do!

  20. I love my EGO if they could figure out how to lower the price of the batteries 20-30% they would dominate.

  21. Buys 5k lawnmower for the charger BIG FLEX

  22. Just got the lineiq trimmer. Hands down best trimmer I've ever used. So quiet and I do a 1.5 acre property with half a battery.

  23. What I like best about batteries is charging at my customers houses

  24. Recently upgraded to the IQ trimmer from the previous gen Ego trimmer and holy cow what a difference.

  25. I just bought the Ego 16” string trimmer last week. I like the 2 speed selector and the included 4 amp battery.

  26. My EGO 5 amh battery keeps flashing red on full charge until the trigger is pressed and depressed on my 650 cfm blower about 20 + times….very annoying.

  27. These batteries are crazy! I want one of these mowers now!

  28. Hello again Vince and Vcg
    Thank you for another Great Video. I hope you don't mind a few questions from a late comer to battery party. Does Ego make a smaller version of their rider. My yard is not large. But very soft, especially when it rains non-stop for days at a time. Otherwise, I have the heat and humidity to be concerned about. Again thank you

  29. $20 says I can brake it the same way I broke my dad's lawn mower back in the day.

  30. Thats a real mow test. If it can't do tall brush like that it ain't gonna cut it

  31. If your car is ceramic coated or waxed that blower dries it super fast!!

  32. Great timing Vince. I’m looking to get new outdoor tools this year. New house new tools. Would you go with Ego or Milwaukee for string trimmer, blower, self propelled mower? Originally thought Ego was the better choice but I’ve been seeming really good reviews for Milwaukee’s new push mower and string trimmer. Is it possible for you to do some head to heads? Thanks

  33. very impressive vince! now only a mx fuel 14 inch table saw and a mx fuel tramper post hole digger and excavator and im happy😅😅😅😅👊👊

  34. That was an impressive mowing test on the zero turn! EGO has nailed it in OPE! Impressive products! Great video 👍🏻

  35. I run Ego lawn equipment and the Flex 24v line, very reliable lithium tech

  36. I need that 2022 ego 56v brushless zero turn I've got some hills my John deer e140 riding lawn struggle to go up and down plus can't cut tall grass, plus I don't want have buy gas anymore or service the lawn mower, I'm going to get the ego misting fan and led light, and cultivator attachment, plus pole hedge cutter.

  37. My ryobi zero turn is 2 years old and looks way better than this one and also still performs like it did day one.

  38. wish a carbon fiber pole saw, or a pressure washer in my dream

  39. Ego’s tools are incredible, and just to prove how powerful the blower is, I use it to blow snow off the cars and sidewalks. The riding mower is really cool too. It has an insane amount of torque, and the seat looks like the Captain’s chair from the USS Enterprise, complete with the electronic side panels and everything. It really looks like an incredible machine. Here’s my main problem with it and why I just bought an Ariens gas riding mower: Not only is it twice the price with few options to finance it (which is important for a homeowner like me with a kid on the way 🙂 ) but this machine also is way ahead of its time. For one thing the batteries are extremely pricey if you need another one. But the main problem for me is what happens if something goes wrong with it and I need it serviced? There really aren’t any technicians locally out there that can work on it if say something goes wrong with the electronics. Whereas if I need my Ariens serviced, I call the dealer I bought it from up US 322 a bit in Lancaster County, they come pick it up, work on it during the day, and I have it back ready to go again by the end of the day. There really isn’t anyone who can do that with the Ego if something goes wrong with it. I really hope this is what the future looks like and that in 30 years all of the riding mowers and tractors are just like this one, and there are technicians everywhere that can pick them up and service them. But as of right now we’re just not there yet. All of my other tools (which include the string trimmer, and you’re right it’s really insane lol) I can at least fit in my car to take to Lowes if they need to ship it out to fix. That’s my two cents on it. Thank you so much for posting, Egos really are incredible!

  40. runners to work boots wardrobe change 👍👍

  41. Battery powered chainsaws are so bad from my experience

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