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Weeylite S03 RGB Pocket LED Light – Cost Vs Value Review

Jorge Perez
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In this week’s video, we talk about the Weeylite S03 RGB Pocket LED light. Weeylite is a partner company of Viltrox, they sent me 4 of these lights for testing and reviewing, but they are not sponsoring this video, they not paying me for a review. Just like my camera reviews, I’ll mention what I think is right.

You can pick one of these up here:
Or here:

00:00 – Intro
00:16 – Welcome Back!
02:07 – The Light Itself
03:44 – Specs & Details
04:52 – Controlling the Light With The App
07:54 – What Are These Lights For?
09:16 – Who Are These Lights For?
10:33 – Final Thoughts

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  1. Благодарю, мужик! Я думал, что у меня подделка, а оказывается это оригиналы так мерцают и меняют цвет при убавлении яркости… Версия s05 отрабатывает нормально на всем диапазоне яркости.

  2. Would these lights be any good as Rim lights? great, informative review.

  3. Hey there Jorge! I have this light, for some reason, the app just lets me switch it on or off, but I wont let me use any setting like chaning the color or use the FX, just one time it let me, but then again, nothing. Have you experience this issue? Thank you

  4. Welcome back Jorge ! Stay healthy my friend 🌟

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