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WE’RE NOT ALONE 🛸 (plus I stole this motorcycle)

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  1. That thing is still waaaayyyyy better then a Honda Goldwing, can’t get any gayer then a f*cking Honda Goldwing…..

  2. Ok that bike would be so fun to ride……. Still gotta have the gas engines, always…. But that bike is sick!!!

  3. Big facts about the aliens and our government

  4. Just saying it’s worse for the environment is just false. Electric vehicles have no tail pipe emissions when gas has literally been proven to cause cancer. Yes, there are environmental concerns, but the pros outweigh the cons.

  5. Ive been saying this the whole time. If its possible for us to exist then its possible for another species to exist on a different planet. If they are making it to earth we should take it a lot more seriously than we are. My thoughts on it is that if we do make contact with them I dont think we want them to be finding us first. There’s way too much risk and if theyve found us first then clearly their technology is better. Obviously we’d want to make peace first. But we have no idea what the other side is thinking

  6. The "sign" on the display at the traffic light was the "recuperation" after braking

  7. Can that electric bike, charge my electric vibrator, lol

  8. “Politely” with the 1911 lmao 😂😂

  9. First curiosity about the motorcycle how well does it do a burnout

  10. You and I could talk about aliens and the possibilities for hours! hahaha

  11. what I really want to see is a Moto vlog with itsjusta6 and Justin Atlanta custom wraps

  12. Never have i laughed so hard at a youtube video. Your content is way out there… and i'm here for it. I nominate you as our human representative.

  13. Thank you Dan for stating the fact that they are far worse for the environment 🤝

  14. Your tee shirt and all them poses remind me of changing your outfit on san andreas

  15. Dan is jax the doggo still around? See the new doggo but not the old boi

  16. I only have a few issues with anything EV.

    1. Cost (anything really with getting as a "spirited" driver and rider (motorcycles) is expensive and compared to what you can get with an ICE is cheaper while being just as fast or can be while still being cheaper).

    2. Ease of travel. You have to plan ahead more. But it's getting better.

    3. Sourcing materials for the batteries. Look it up, it's disgusting.

    4. Equally as bad, big brother looking over your shoulder with an off switch. It's already been done. Look it up.

  17. It would be interesting to find out wether or not more people cut you off or get in your way because of the lack of noise.

  18. How far back can Dan get the bike 🤔 that’s all I wanna know about it 🤣 let’s see some 12oclock coasters 🙏❤️

  19. I'm not surprised aliens excist… or even other intelligent life other then us in our universe or even in our own galaxy. Now, what i'm concerned about if this is true.. these Aliens are SUPER, SUPER intelligent. Traveling billions of light years just to come visit us. Meanwhile we can't even travel to mars… a planet in our own solar system. We're still trying to smash rocks together while they're smashing atoms. That's the difference.. we're trying to invent the wheel while they've invented rockets. I also wonder how long they've known about Earth for I doudt it was just recent. They seem very good at hiding even with all the phones and shit we have now. Ofc, that's if this is real & not just some cover up bs story which could also be true.

  20. I'm super excited about the true classic sponsorship.

  21. This is such a fun video Dan. You'd make fucking golf interesting. i mean jesus christ we watched yo ass mow your lawn and cook dinner. We are here for YOU.
    BUT if i may, i think most people dont care abt it being electric, its just that it makes no sound. and all the viewer has is their visuals and audio. and electric bikes take half of our senses away when watching iykwim. While for you, you get all the other benefits like road feel, wind, etc so losing the sound isnt that big of a deal. but for the viewer it gets boring, i say that to reiterate… the bike is just background when we watch you. whatever youre doing is background, we here for you dan. just do ya thang and we along for the ride.

  22. I think electric bikes are neat, but they're more expensive than gas, and if I'm loosing vroom vroom for weeeeeeee, I want it to me 10-25% less than an equivalent gas bike

  23. Testimony? Is that the word you were trying to think of?

    As far as aliens existing: Probably. But I've never seen one, so I don't know for sure.

    And, lastly, I'm sure electric motorcycles are fun to ride. But that fun is very limited. I can get on my motorcycle and ride for 2 or 3 hours, fill the gas tank and ride another 2 or 3 hours. It takes less than 5 minutes to fill my 5 gallon tank and that will take me around 200 miles on the open road. I don't think you can get that kind of range on a single charge on an electric bike. And I know you can't charge the batteries fully in 5 minutes.

  24. Dan I wish I could just have like an hour long conversation about aliens with you while riding motorcycles

  25. If certain beings could live outside linear time or discovered time travel they’d technically always have existed and always will exist.

  26. Can I have the information on that picture behind you during your ad I love to get one

  27. Yes aliens, I feel like a kid at a carnival paying a dollar to see a magic trick.

  28. I was willing to belive that Aliens were real until the Government said that they exist.

  29. Brother almost 8 years ago or so I was just a 13 year old kid watching YouTube shit when I found your channel back when you had the sharpie bike and all that crap
    And man thanks to the rabbit hole of motorcycle videos you got me going down I’m 21 with a 48 and a horrible spending problem when it comes to bike shit

  30. Yeah you lost me at all electric motorcycle

  31. "they're not good for the environment, they're worse" welp, im sold, where do i buy them again?

  32. on the topic of electric bikes, what do you think of their impact vs. gas bikes (battery bad for environment stuff)

  33. My geometry teacher last school year believed in aliens so much that if you even brought them up in class, he could just talk about them for the entire class, and he probably went around laughing at the people who told him aliens weren’t real shortly after they were confirmed real

  34. Damn nice to see others feel the same way about aliens and government. Especially saying that with 1.25 mil subs

  35. The zero sounds like a squealing r2d2 when he gasses it 🤣🤣

  36. This video is a prime example of hearing what you want to hear and adding "fact" to your own opinion.
    A couple of "whistle-blowers" testified that they have seen aliens and ufos. And you bought it 100%. Because you wanted to.
    There was ZERO evidence presented. ZERO pictures, video. Nothing… and yet, you're completely bought in.

    And Hunter Biden is a provivate citizen. Not an elected official. And hes being constantly attacked by the US government. ONE guy fighting the US government. His past, laptop or any other shit he did is an issue for law enforcement. Let them do their jobs and quit infringing on a citizens rights to not be attacked by the government.

    And I'm a believer, but not because of this.

  37. Dear Dan, I'm a big fan of the idea that aliens don't mess with us to much because they think of us like ants just so under developed that it's not worth anything but maybe getting bored and observing us. I'm a little like you Dan it pisses me off that I won't know what's out there, I'm not at all a religious man so I'm fully open to aliens and conspiracy, I wouldn't mind going off into the universe with em that sounds sick.

  38. Yes i am an Alium beliber. The government has known about it since day one of humanity. There's a reason why the native american's painted pictures on rocks of men in spaceships and aliums. believe me when i say this but i have seen at least 4+ UFO/WAP'S IN my life over the last 3 years since the whole " covid" thing started and multiple unexplained lights an all that.

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