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What Has Been Happening to the Sun Lately That Scares Scientists?

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Scientists are concerned about recent activity on the sun. Find out what’s been happening and why it’s causing alarm in this video.

Dive into the mysteries of the universe with our latest Bright Side Space documentary, exploring alarming recent discoveries about the sun that have scientists on edge. Uncover what’s been happening with solar storms, sunspots, and the stunning auroras they create, and learn why these solar phenomena now scare scientists. This comprehensive video covers everything from the fundamental facts of our solar system to the latest science news, brought to you by NASA and leading astronomers, ensuring you stay informed about the dynamic changes in our sun and their implications for Earth and beyond
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  1. Sunspots hit every 11 years. Some cycles more spots than others. Our magnetic field isn’t going anywhere and if we shift with the polar reversal so what. It’s been doing that before we evolved and it will do it again because that’s what it does. The sun has about five billion years left. We’ll probably nuke ourselves long before then.

  2. It’s not new. Still talks about 2023.

  3. The facts are they know very little fact about the sun, it's cyles are sporadic, the sun is not on a schedule, it's a giant nuclear reactor hanging in it tiny bit of the universe,, 😮😊

  4. I thought pcp was angel dust!?! Lol sherm high!! Lol 😂 Aloha's

  5. The question should rather concern our ever diminishing protection from the earth’s magnetic field due to magnetic polar reversal.

  6. Pssst ever since the invention of telescope the sun has been observed and sun spots have a cycle…. this is partially responsible for what politicians are calling man made global warming

  7. Sun activity has been linked with human behavior, influencing social activities, unrest, raising tendencies to anger, frustration, defensive attitudes, fearing unstability, change, turbulences, riots, tensions (stress). Interesting. Try to match the solar "peaks" with events of e.g. 1917, 1939, 1989 etc. Really interesting..

  8. If solar flares as they are called are so dangerous why is HAEP experimenting with auroras 8th thru the 10th

  9. ……….stop using plastic bags and that will solve the problem with the Sun…..

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  11. This is NOT good for fair skinned people

  12. I don't want to know & interfere with the Sun… i hope to get my salary end of the month !!

  13. வானத்தைப் போல சீரியலில், நல்லா இருந்த குடும்பம் தெருவில் வந்து செங்கல் சூலையில் வேலை பார்த்து கஷ்டப்பட்டு வாழ்கிறார்கள். சின் ராசு இன்னும் எத்தனை நாள் தங்கயைத்தேடுவார்.
    மனம் வருந்துகிறார். ராஜ பாண்டிய குடும்பம் திரும்ப நல்ல நிலைக்கு வருவதாகக் கதையை மாற்றுங்கள் இயக்குநர் ஐயா.

  14. I know they shutdown Kitt peak solar observatory. And another in New Mexico. I think they know something they don't want you to know.

  15. I felt it to its not yellow anymore its turning lighter color… hmmmmm

  16. First I saw a giant meteor hit the Sun. It left a black spot, so maybe that's what the spots are meteors. Hitting the Sun, that's my opinion.
    Second, if there is a solar flare, just turning everything off and We wait. till they tell us it's safe to turn everything back on.

  17. We have been having auroras in Texas 😮

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