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What if Toyota Revealed Nuclear Diamond Battery?

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  1. There is an epidemic of these crackpot battery hoaxes on YT. What's next? "The Pope finally reveals new battery powered by Holy Water and sandal soles."

  2. Nuclear Waste is a negative term,..however Nuclear Byproduct is a neutral term.

  3. Is this the turning point we've been waiting for. I'm not going to hold my breath as something this big will meet big political hurdles.

  4. yea 28000 years that will never be allowed to be sold on markets who will buy batteries when no one will need them anymore….

  5. this would revolutionise the whole world. will get rid of nuclear waste , musk said he would need 800w for aircraft think were there already. lets hope this comes to fruition and isnt a flash in the pan

  6. US government will never approve it on safety concerns.

  7. Looking forward to this new technology. I believe that the electric car is going to be around for a long time. Fast charging and longer trips will make them worth the money. WTG Toyota.

  8. Now let's hope this is actually feasible. The guys who started the diamond battery research all but gave up on trying to do bigger batteries from what I had heard and the other large company that was working on larger versions haven't released any documentation showing their progress even thought they claim to be making progress.

    I hope the diamond battery is the godsend we have been looking for, but I'm only going to hold my breath for using it in phones, music players, portable speakers, and other small electronic devices.

  9. wow so far, Arkenlight, Elon, and NDB all created the same technology at the same exact same time?! I like your videos but if you are saying the same thing about 3 different companies which one is true?

  10. It's very interesting how everyone suddenly reveals their nuclear diamond these days

  11. Electric Vehicles need to be halted until the Truth and Exposure of the 2020 Federal Election Defrauding of the American People is fully revealed and the Criminals Punished. We refuse to worship the false god of nature and the false and lying agenda committed against fossil fuels by the Leftist Communist Idiots.

  12. If diamond nuclear batteries these don't need to be charged could they pretty much be used for everything and solve most nuclear waste storage and fossil fuels at the same time?

  13. It will never see daylight in consumer products.

  14. Will there be a day where you buy a car and install your grandpas battery pack that you inherited?

  15. And you still have not explained why a smartphone or car needs a battery with a 28000 year lifespan.

  16. Did I hear this right? – battery that doesn't need recharging with a 40% charging efficiency – Hmmm?

  17. So exciting. Having this type of mobile power can bring so many possibilities that lithium cant bring.

  18. Makes me wonder if it was discovered by accident. Compressed it only at first.
    Like if the creators first found a way to compress and nullify the nuclear waste.
    Then did some experiments with the nuclear diamond they had created.

  19. WHAT NONSENSE -_- where is the law of conservation of energy in this, you mean to say that a small battery can store trillions of joules in it

  20. This is some mega bullshit. The battery produces so little actual elecrricity, you can only use it for sensors, which is actually a really goid use case.

  21. To maintain profits via planned obsolescence, oilwar Capitalists will falseflag sabotage this tech w targeted anti-nuke propaganda.
    MSM news will do reports on the dangerous new idea to put nuclear waste in cars.

  22. what about a house? couldn't we give electricity to places that were too expensive to reach before? revolutionary!

  23. Why put a battery that lasts 1000 + years in a phone that I replace every 2 or 3 years???

  24. Sadly the risk of someone misusing a nuclear battery will forever keep it from seeing public use.

  25. Toyota's battery technology is non-existent. This site pedals anti-EV trash for Toyota. Toyota should be ashamed of themselves, as it's current leader (grandson of the founder of Toyota) is leading not only Toyota out of the auto business, but Japan in total.

  26. Right now, in this very moment I'm sitting about 300 feet away from Billions of Dollars worth of "Nuclear Waste" (Spent Fuel Rods).

  27. yes… i'm sure this will totally work, with no safety risks whatsoever

  28. I see a huge recall for Toyota in the future. Radiation in a car? Just wait for a bad car crash that can break or pierce the battery then the radiation will be exposed.

  29. These sound like dilithium crystals used on the Enterprise. Captain we need to replenish the dilithium crystals.

  30. Nuclear Diamond Batteries are the nuclear Holy Grail, producing electricity without charge, no charging necessary, eliminating legacy nuclear steam turbines to electricity cycle. Oil would only be used to make plastics; all legacy carbon-based fuels would be instantly obsolete.

  31. And you won't need headlights, because everyone would glow in the dark!

  32. Gas is better. Just design a powerful engine that has better mileage per gallon.

  33. Let's say the nuclear diamond battery is entirely made of carbon-14, which it isn't. It converts the radioactive decay into electricity with 100% efficiency, which it doesn't. Doing some back of the envelope math, then a battery of equal weight to an 18500 lithium battery would output about 0.07W. Where as the 18500 lithium ion battery puts out around 30W. So I don't see it becoming a competitor to lithium ion in high current applications such as electric cars, at least not in this universe.

    Edit: Just to put this into perspective, with absolutely perfected diamond battery technology a Tesla Model S diamond battery would weigh about 260 tons.

    The battery of equal mass to 27g reference 18500 battery would contain:
    27 g / (14.0032420 u/atom * 1.66053906660*10^-24 g/u) = 1.161144 * 10^24 atoms

    Half of which will decay in 5730 years and giving off 0.156476 MeV per atom:
    0.5*10^24 atoms * 0.156476 MeV/atom * 1.602 * 10^-13 J/MeV / (5730 years * 365.25 days/year * 24h/year * 3600s/h) = 0.06931411183 W

    Meanwhile the reference 18500 lithium battery allows for a continuous discharge of 9A at 3.7V nominal:
    9A * 3.7V = 33.3 W

  34. Owner’s who’ve purchased these new Toyota’s will all get the nickname Doc Manhattan.

  35. I think if wishes wuz fishes the sea would be full. been waiting a decade for the latest greatest miracle battery to come to market .good thing I didn't hold my breath

  36. Hmm, wouldnt it be enough with a few cells to charge the rest, a self charging hybrid that is…

  37. They don't produce enough power to run a tablet.

  38. If it is the case it should be possible for development of home powered by the same batteries for 28,000 years.no power bills.
    No need of Electricity Department then?

    It may be possible because of nuclear radiation property by the newclear waste material.
    Nuclear Diamond Battery coupled with Solar Power it may be possible for catering to the needs of Industry also.

    H Santa Rao
    BE.,BL.,DREHMS(, Homeo)
    PG(Data Science)_USA

  39. If they work properly as stated, they could finally give us a chance to actually explore our own solar system, since propellant fuels simply won't do, and possibly give us a chance to explore extra-solar space ( or for those that don't speak space, space outside of our solar system).

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