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What If You Fell Into a Spent Nuclear Fuel Pool?

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Spent nuclear fuel pools are designed to cool fuel rods after they come out of a nuclear reactor. While powering a nuclear reactor, these fuel rods become very, very hot (2,800 degrees Celsius / 5,092 degrees Fahrenheit). After they’ve spent 3 to 6 years inside of a nuclear reactor, fuel rods are no longer efficient. Problem is, they still emit plenty of harmful radiation, and they will for the next 10,000 years. Even though it’s trash, there’s not a garbage dump in the world that will accept it. So, why is water a good place to put these things and what would happen if you fall into one of those spent fuel pools?

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  1. I was born and raised near Beloyarskaya atomic station in the Urals, and heard stories of people who regularly went to sunbathe and swim in the technical pools of the station. Needless to say the water was pleasantly warm. As far as I know, no one suffered any radiation poisoning or other effects.

  2. I hear what you say, but what if someone pushed me and this way it becomes an accident and can possibly give me superpowers ?

  3. I’m here because of Rin Kagamine 👍🏻

  4. 3:09 Without FEELING any negative effects.

    12 years later ❤❌🤖

  5. Actually the half life of a nuclear fuel rod is 24,000 years. Not 10,000. So much misinformation in this video. Nuclear fuel pools are kept between 68F and 138F. The area outside around the pool even during an outage is high radiation too. Not completely safe lol. You only have a certain amount of time to do your work before RP kicks you out. They have special dosimeters that they can remotely monitor.

  6. 30 degrees is not hot. It isnt even warm.

  7. Ac a nuclear worker i can confirm that actually somebody has felt into reactor pool, thats why we have lifebuoy ring near the reactor pool, actually he was not harmed but slightly active but not in life changing way, actually you can easly fall into pool all you have to do is trip on some rod or smthing

  8. 2:32 now I know why this apparent "serious" explanation got so many dislikes. "When do you turn green and start to gain super powers"?? Did you seriously just say that? What was going through your mind or what were you smoking when you thought this would be a BRILLIANT idea to throw in the video? I'm not watching anymore. Stupid people out there, ong.

  9. So if near an about to happen nuclear reaction jump in water?

  10. I was just thinking, "why would I jump into a fuel pool when I could swim on a Saturn moon"

  11. If you ingest any of the water you will instantly poo. The pools are not green but have large concentrations of boron which makes causes instant extreme diarrhea.
    The pools are filled about 20' above the fuel to give that barrier.
    3:42 that's not ionizing radiation like nuclear power gives off. That's electromagnetic radiation coming from wifi and other electronics. Although both are harmful in large quantities, they have very different health effects.

  12. I know a guy who voluntarily jumped in to save a zip tie clipping that flew in. Imagine how bad the alternative must have been for that to sound like a good idea.

  13. Does anyone think of the spiderman movie where the guy fell into the electric eels

  14. When a bubble pops from the water its hot! You can feel it.

  15. I love how he said other screens like he was scared to say our smart phones emit certain radiation.

  16. Nothing will happen as long as you do not dive down towards the rods. In fact the water should be nice and warm… 😉

  17. That happened to me on my vacation to chernobyl springs last year.

  18. but why is an astronaut falling into a nuclear pool?

  19. Typically a pool is anywhere from 73-85 degrees. Falling into this 30 degree rod cooling pool would be like taking an ice bath.

  20. What if
    We were made of radioactive energy? How quick would we decay?

  21. Radiation in itself is one of the weirdest things to exist. An invisible energy than can screw you over.

  22. I had elephants foot for breakfast this morning..Without any milk 🥛

  23. Reminds me of the diver that was sucked into a nuclear power plant while diving in the ocean. He was pulled in by giant fans, into a pipe, and spit out into a nuclear fuel pool. He received no radiation from the incident. Interesting stuff.

  24. This video turned into an infomercial about the benefits of swimming in nuclear fuel pools.

  25. Spent nuclear fuel tastes good.
    Change my mind

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